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ground blind hunting

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Default ground blind hunting

Can some one please give me a few pointers on hunting ground blinds for white tales I know the deer for one have to get use to the blind but other than that need help please I had a few does come in last night too a pile of corn about 20 yards I was gonna draw back for a double lung shot but she wouldn't come in my shooting lanes and then something spooked them and all i seen were the white tails any way need a few pointers
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A good system for scent control is a great place to start, also be certain that your the sun is not setting behind you, as your outline will be seen by the deer in front of you been there .
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I don't know that deer have to get use to them. I hunted a field this year for the first time with a blind and had no problems. I carried the blind in, hunted, watched 5 deer, my wife missed her shot and carried the blind back out. I can also set it up in the field at my house where I normally have it and shoot a deer the same day.

My advice for hunting from them is to close them up as much as possible and make sure you aren't back lit by an opening. Also, since you are down on the ground, move slowly and deliberately when deer are around so they don't see the motion.

For the most part, i don't think deer give a blind a second glance. I shot a doe at 20 yards in a field and my blind was not brushed in or in brush. It was setting next to a bush so it looked like just another bush. But I guess they would think it is a bush even if it was by itself.
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what state are you in ?
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I also move my blind around with good luck. I haven't shot one from the blind, I've only had it two seasons, but I'm not afraid to set it up and hunt. I've seen lots of deer from it, only had one spook and that was because my feet made noise while I was shifting to the other window for a shot.
Set up in good locations, and wait for the deer to be in the right spot. Watch the wind and keep the sun from outlining you. I try to set my blind in with other similar brush. I use it to hunt thick areas where I can't get a stand up. So I have my lanes cut then carry the blind in. Good Luck
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Default A Newbie is a Newbie

I'd use the blind in the off-season. Especially with the season over. You're a newbie, but you should not have any built-in prejudice about what works and doesn't work. Find out yourself what natural camouflaging works and doesn't work. Pretend you're in the military. Don't just depend on one site, if you can actually use more than one site.
If archery hunting, use the stool you are using, outside the tent and practice your shooting technique. After that, see what is different about shooting inside the tent. The best basketball shooters I knew, practiced the most outside of a game.

Practicing in off season isn't a waste of time. If you don't, only during hunting will your time be a waste of time.
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Be sure to Brush In Your Ground Blind with any type of tall grass,corn stalks,Cedar Tree limbs that is around or close to where Your Blind is set up...in other words blend Your blind in with whatever will look natural in the Area Your Hunting.I usually spray down my blind with some type of scent-killer or leave it out in the rain a few days to wash off any un-natural smells and scents off of it.

If Your blind is dark/black inside it may also help to wear dark colored Camo to hide any movement You may make and as stated don't leave all the windows open where You can be silohetted/outlined and the Deer can see movement inside.
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Many others replying to your inquiry hit many good ideas, but they missed one point. PRACTICE from inside the blind while seated!!! You will be amazed at how things change while seated and on ground level. Another thing is, look at how close your arrow is to your line of sight but not be able to clear the edge of the window upon its flights path. Don't ask me how I know this!! LMAO!!!
That and have fun. You will be amazed at how close will get to your blind once you get how to use it. My wife and I have had deer walk within 3-4 yds of it while hunting together.
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