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Is the meat still good?

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Go Big Red!!!!!!

Originally Posted by NebBuckHunter
I'd imagine it would be fine. I would be a little more hesitant if it was gut shot.
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Go Big Red and Team 6
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Haha. Nebraska fans everywhere.
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Originally Posted by Topgun 3006
The meat was fine in that short period of time, but you did one thing that is not kosher. After gutting and then butchering the deer, you really should have let the meat cool completely in a cooler with ice, in a frig., etc., BEFORE putting it in the freezer. Doing what you did will probably not cause illness, but you may get a taste that makes you think the meat is spoiled. This advice is from a retired State Inspector (me) of over 30 years.
Now why is this? What I have often done in warmer weather is take off the front legs, hind quarter, ribs, neck and put each section in large bags and toss them in the freezer to quickly cool. Then debone the partially frozen deer the next day.

If it is nice and cool (under 40) I will usually skin and let the deer cool while hanging however.
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We have alot of 70's during the day here in Oklahoma in October and sometimes in November. I will normally drag the deer out 1/2 mile or so and then gut it at the truck. Sometimes it will take a few hours just to drag em out and I have never had a problem with the meat spoiling. After I get em checked in I will put bags of ice in the gut cavity and they will keep a few days that way. The hide acts as a insulator and the meat will cool at a good rate.

If it is in the 70's for too long I will skin and quarter then place in a cooler (no bags) then place the ice on top with the cooler drain plug undone. As the ice melt I will add more on top. But if I am only going to be out a couple of days I just do like I said above.
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The meat doesn't spoil as fast as most people think. I have had to leave a dear over night in the mid 50's and there was nothing wrong with the meat. Usually in that case, I just cut them up without gutting and pack the meat out.
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As a butcher once told me when I was dropping off a deer in 75 degree weather; "use your nose, it always knows". It makes sense. If the meat is spoiling or spoiled your nose will let you know.

I concur with the other posters. I always let them cool in an ice cooler or the fridge prior to the hard freeze. Unless I know I'm taking it to the butcher later that day I might throw them in the chest freezer for a couple hours and that's it. If I plan on eating the loins that week, they will never go in the freezer. I'll age them in the fridge for a week and then put em on the grill!
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MZS---The outer meat freezes first when you do that and then the inner meat can't cool out properly. Doing what you did probably won't hurt anything, but putting it in plastic bags compounds the problem. When we backpack meat from any game back to camp we usually put it in plastic bags to keep our packs in good shape, but as soon as we get it to camp it comes out of the bags and goes in iced coolers or at least is hung in game bags in the shade in cooler weather and that keep insects off.
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