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Just About Done

Old 12-13-2011, 06:48 AM
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I really must apologize for the way that my comment was written. I sometimes forget the fact that there are other areas of the country where whitetail can be picked off a dime a dozen as some of the other folks have said on here. And given some of their examples, it proves the matter.

I guess my "jealousy" or whatever stems from the fact that there are so many people that don't realize the difficulty of a whitetail hunt in certain parts of upstate NY (swamps + Adirondack regions) where seeing a deer sometimes doesn't happen for days.

I truly believe that there are certain areas of the north east that are some of the hardest places to harvest a deer in the continental United States. Upstate NY, areas of Pennsylvania and Maine are notorious for hunters never "seeing" deer at all. There a even hunters that pay for guided hunts and still see no deer.

I myself, as well as most of the rest of the hunters that are in my area have never been fortunate enough to just pop off deer like it was a shooting gallery.

I am sorry for the way I posted and I am ashamed of myself for that very reason.
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Fork Horn
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No problem. I have been up there to do seminars and realize how hard it is. It is also some of the most beautifull country I have ever seen.

Deer in my county are almost a plague. I have no yard and gardens are out of the question. However, that does not make them easy to kill unless you shoot them out the window in the yard. I do not. I hunt a long wooded ridge behind my house and I hunt a 100-acre farm just down the road. The year before I got sick, I shot 17 deer, 16 does and one buck. Now there are more deer than ever. My daughter has killed three and she does not hunt. She killed a spike backing out of the driveway.

Where I live, the limit is three does a day and three bucks for the entire year. I can't recall the last time I killed three bucks here. When I hunted for a living, I tried to mature bucks only, 90% of the time. Because it was my job, I hunted all over. I also did all my own scouting and hung all my own stands. I also guided three or four weeks out of the year on bow only operations. It reached the point I almost hated to hunt. I certainly hated TV shows and refused to make one after the mid-nineties. But I can tell you this. I have hunted with a lot of those "stars" before they were stars and they can dam sure hunt. How do you think they became "stars". A perfect example is Stan Potts. Goofy as all getout and one of the best deer hunters I have ever known. This fall, he walked into some woods, picked a spot and killed a monster 190's buck the next day. No guide, no advice just knowledge. As for Mr. O'Connor, I don't know where you got your information but I can assure you, he was one heck of a hunter.

No harm no foul, have a goodun.
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Great job Ghost of the Woods. It takes a real man to admit he is wrong. Where I hunt in mississippi I could kill a deer 8 of 10 times I go in yhe woods if I choose to. I usually kill
a couple doe's during bow season and then spend the rest of the season trying to kill
a good buck. I see doe's or small bucks almost every time I hunt.
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Yup good going Ghost. One of the most sincere reversals I have seen on here. It takes a real man to do that and others should take notice. I will always have time to read your posts.
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Ditto, I agree 100%
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Agreed scribe. Glad to see your not the negative Nancy it appeared from your first post. Look forward to more conversations from you. (and I realize that I am lucky having so many deer available and that it is not the same way everywhere)

Scribe, I'm from Lincoln and usually hunt the first part of rifle season just east of Lincoln around Eagle. I typically hunt the second half of firearm season at my father in laws's 10,000+ acre ranch. (extremely lucky to have this opportunity as it has a river running straight through it making a perfect environment for both whitetails and mulies)

I typically bow hunt near fair bury Nebraska, down by the Kansas border. I finish off my year returning to the Lincoln area to muzzleload.
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