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This is why you shoot coyotes

Old 12-10-2011, 05:34 PM
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If you look at the pictures, you will see the blood on the rear comes after some time. It was not hit by a car.

It was chased down, and killed by a pack of coyotes. Just as a pack of wolves would do to take down a member of the deer family.
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Old 12-10-2011, 05:47 PM
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This was a feature in the last Deer & Deer Hunting magazine. Happened in souther OK. Little, scrawny coyotes at that. We get 50lb+ coyotes regularly in PA. I've seen one weighed in at 68lbs at the local coyote tournament that the fire dept holds. I've lost two archery deer to coyotes and my 9 year old son just lost a big 8-pointer this year to them.

I would shoot as many as I could if I would ever see them when I'm out hunting. They start howling around quitting time and start moving after dark. I've tried calling them in at night but it's so thick where we hunt that they always manage to circle downwind before we see them.
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Old 12-10-2011, 06:14 PM
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You ever notice on wild animal shows that cover kill scenes that they never show wolf/coyote kills? Probably too graphic. Typical killing by them (as depicted in above images) is disemboweling the prey while they are still alive. There is no neck break or throat clutch to kill the prey quick.
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Old 12-10-2011, 07:04 PM
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Nice pics, I kill every yote that I can.
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Old 12-10-2011, 07:36 PM
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The huge coyote population we had on our land is totally gone. All you have to do is have your DNR put some wolves in there. Also had a cougar on our land the whole week of gun season so that might help also.
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Old 12-11-2011, 05:03 AM
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If you buy the Jan. 2012 issue of Deer & Deer Hunting magazine you can see all the pics and read the article.
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Old 12-11-2011, 05:49 AM
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I like how the friend claimed they came from his cam. LOL

As others said, the entire sequence (over 200 pics) has been on the D&DH website for some time. I did find it kind of ironic that the entire kill over hours of time, ended up being right in front of the camera. Coyotes are relentless that's for sure. We don't have a ton where I'm at, and they still do damage. I shoot every one I get a chance at.
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Old 12-11-2011, 06:05 AM
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So a GUY AT YOUR WORK got those on his trail camera? Where is this guy from? Because those have been around for a long time and Im starting to think you believe this guy.
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I'll bet there was a bait pile some were near that camera... The yote just lay in wait for the deer to come
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I can recall one year when our woods where crawling with "yotes". I remember sitting in my stand when all of a sudden, the woods "came alive". I heard a whole bunch of ruckus and thrashing coming from up through the slash, then sticks and twigs breaking and leaves being rustled around. A doe and two of her fawns came flying out of the brush. All of the squirrels that where gathering nuts where soon up in the trees barking their behinds off and all of their eyes where focused on an area about 40 yds. behind my stand. When much to my amazement, more ruckus followed and about 17 turkeys came running out of the brush cackling, following the same path that the 3 deer where on. No sooner did I blink my eyes and I was surrounded by coyotes. There where 5 of them chasing whatever they could. I took aim at the last one I could get a bead on. I dumped her over and the others scattered back into the brush.

After my father and I tagged out that season, a buddy of mine and myself decided it was time to do some coyote hunting. By the end of January we took out 13 of em'. Since then, their population in that area seemed less prevalent, but i know they are still out there. I will shoot them any chance I get.
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