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A simple plan

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Default A simple plan

Well bow season here is done Friday and the deer have all seemingly dissapeared again.Havent seen much from any of my stands or around my usual hotspots for about a week now.

Got up early this morning and decided to go for a drive and check some areas I havent hunted much this year.First ones an old grove, its nothing special but once in awhile deer like to lay in the back of it.Sure enough theres a buck in there getting ready to bed down, couldnt do nothing with him standing there so I drove on to spot number two.

Its a lakeshore, I have been seeing a lotta does on and some new rubs have been popping up along it, I snuck up on a nice 10 pointer about a week ago a half mile from it and couldnt get drawn back when he was standing 15 yrds away so I know theres some decent bucks in the area.Problem is its so narrow and everythings so dry its hard to get into, so I stayed out of it, as I said theres a lotta does in there and were down to the last few days so its about time to either hunt it or leave it alone alltogether.This morning I seen a buck in there all the way to one end getting ready to bed down.

Niether ones huge, but the time for being picky is past with no more activity than I am seeing.So today I plan to let the buck in the grove alone for a couple hours, let him get comfortable, and when the frost on the ground has melted enough to get everything wet and quiet I am going to try and stalk him and get close enough for a shot with the bow.

The second part of my plan if this goes wrong is to have my kid drop me off on the lakeshore after school, about 1/4 mile downwind of where the second buck was laying.hes in the timber and theres a open stretch of grass that should be fairly quiet where I plan to go it.I already know where thier trail is and with any luck I can find a good hiding spot on the downwind side of it and wait for him to come through.As I said theres also does on this shoreline so worse case scenario I bump one of them and the whole bunch takes off, or perhaps a nice doe will offer me a shot before the buck shows up which is also fine with me.

Dont know if either plan will pay off but I do enjoy trying to shoot deer from ground level with my bow, either way should be a fun and interesting day
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