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The 25 yard shot

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Default The 25 yard shot

What do you guys do for the 25 yard shot. Do you aim high with the 20 yd pin, low with a 30 or just imagine there is a 25 yd pin and put the vitals between the two? This is from a tree stand 25 ft up. Thanks.
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I haven't bow hunted in years but to me it would make the most sense to set up a target and practice with your bow at 25 yards from the same height as your tree stand. That way you will know how your bows shoots using the 20 yard pin and the 30 yard pin to get the most accurate 25 yard shot.
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Through practice, I know where I'm hitting. I imagine a pin right between. Aiming high or low is too much thinking for me.
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25 yard shot.
put the 20 and the 30 in the kill zone...look in between
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My pins are: 10, 20, 25, 30, and 40. So I have a 25 yard pin. When I get around to it I'm going to change my 40 yard pin to a 35 yard pin.
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Originally Posted by Stonewall308 View Post
My pins are: 10, 20, 25, 30, and 40. So I have a 25 yard pin. When I get around to it I'm going to change my 40 yard pin to a 35 yard pin.

i'd change the 10 to a 35.
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I bow hunted for 45+ years until blowing up a bicep. I started instinctive and stayed with this until about 1980. Once I switched to compound, I also switched to a sight system. I ended up using 2 pins simply because I do not care for the clutter of a 4-5-6 pin system, and becasue I would hardly ever have an opportunity at a shot beyond 40 yards. I hunted from a tree stand almost exclusively and would always set about 20' from the ground. Through a lot of practice, I found that from about 10 yards out to 20 yards that there was not enough drop in my set-up to worry with. Could be the remnents of instinctive that helped me with this ... I just sort of "eyed" the hold over when it seemed the right thing to do.

I set my 2 pins ..... one dead-on at 20 yards and the second dead-on at 35 yards. In general, I intentially aimed a tad low regardless of distance (but not off the body) to make sure that if the deer dropped, loading his legs to flee, I'd still run the blade through a vital area and not pass though too high. At 25 yards, I'd use the 20 yard pin and aim about 3 inches of so "high". The small drop from 20 yards to 25 yards seeemd to me to not be all that dramatic with my last bow ..... slinging arrows at 275 fps +. I found very little difficulty making clean kills using this technique and still employ it with my cross bow.
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20 to 25 yrds you shouldnt notice enough drop to really matter if your aiming at the center of the vitals.Like Mojotex said I am not a fan of the multi pin set up.I use one pin with my bow and between 0 and 30 yrds its in the kill zone every time.At 40 I can hold just below the spine and hit the vitals if I want, but i generally dont take that long of shot anyway.99.9% of the deer I kill are under 30 yrd shots and I only recall ever taking one at 40 yrds, he was already crippled from a car and I was just putting him down.
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Unless you shoot low poundage (50 or less) you shouldn't see that much drop off. Just put your 20 yard pin on the upper 1/3 of the vitals. Remember also that most people tend to shoot high out of a tree stand, especially at 25 feet up. I'd practice the shot a few times first from that height, you might be surprised where you hit.
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