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Big public buck down!

Old 11-08-2011, 02:40 PM
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Default Big public buck down!

166 1/8 : Public marsh S.E. Wisconsin
This buck showed up last year behind my house during the pre-rut ( right now last year ) He was living on the other side of the road on private but for some reason would prefer to rut on my side on the public. A lot of the locals have been shining him and some guys even came to my house and asked about the buck... I tried to keep it quiet but that was useless and a lot of guys were hunting for him. A little over a week ago his big rubs showed on my side of the road... All the other hunters were thinking the buck was useing the trails he was rubbing on and were setting up over the top... But I new where he was bedding and that the rubs were not on his trails but were marking doe trails as he crossed them after dark... I set up in the spot where I thought he was bedding and was very fortunate to watch him rise from his bed about 70 yards away and start coming in... I don't know if he saw or heard me setting up from his bed, but he immeadiatly locked eyes on me. I stayed cool and just let him settle and he started coming again but he kept looking up at me... When he got about 7 yards from the tree I only had one small hole and pulled the bow back. I aimed low cause of the steep angle ( I was 5 sticks high, about 23 feet )
I still hit him high and caught the spine and one lung. He dropped right there and I put 4 more arrows in him as he crawled away. Not real pretty, but he is dead.
I took a tape out and we measured him for kicks. 166 1/8 shy of B&C by 3 7/8 The mass was increadable. His beams are as big as my wrists all the way out.
I almost got him last year when I jumped him in a doe bedding area 100 yards from where I shot him this year. He stood up 30 yards from me, but I did not have an arrow knocked. This was my second hunt for this buck, and both patience and looking at what the other hunters were doing combined with knowing the buck bedding areas is what got this guy... Pre-rut or not, he wouldn't of gotten 200 yards in daylight at the rate he was moving.

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way to go dude, congrats !!!!
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Congratulations!!! that is a Great Deer!!! I am glad you got him, you earned him. Post again you you get him on the wall, Doc
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Congratulations !

Great buck................you deserve it - you put the time in !!!
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Good killin! Congrats on that stud!
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Congrats on the stud! Nice Buck!
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WOW congrats it is even sweeter that you were the one that were able to harvest him. Being there next to your home. Now every single morning and evening when you pull out of your place you will remember this.

Good for you man. Way to figure out his bedding area and putting the smack down on him.
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Nice job! Can you send some luck my way?
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stud... congrats!
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That's a beast buddy! Congrats!!
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