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need shotgun advice for deer hunting

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Default need shotgun advice for deer hunting

i own a remington 870 supermag with a smooth-bore barrel. i have done a little research and i want to be hunting this year with slugs (not buckshot because of destroying meat). let me know if that is a better idea. and what kind of slug will be the most accurate in my smooth-bore barrel with a full choke (or if the choke even matters). should i put some sights on my gun also, because all it has is a little bead on the end of the barrel. i will be hunting in a relatively small quarter with a maximum shot of 75 yards. let me know what you think of my setup so far, and please leave some insight. thanks in advance.
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Whenever I go on deer drives I use Winchester Super-X or Remington Slugger. Two fairly cheap options that get the job done. If money isn't an option I'd just go buy a rifled barrel (with iron sights) and use sabot slugs.
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look into rifled slugs
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your best bet would be to buy a rifled barrel and buy sabots. i am very fond of the Hornady SST sobots. But if that is not an option the remington luggers will get the job done no problem.
Just as a side point, if you have the possibility of shooting 75 yards which isn't a heck of a far shot id say you might want to do something to improve your sights. having just a bead could be quite the challenge if a deer is anything farther than 50 yards. Good luck though!!
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Two things, if you gun has RemChokes, put the Improved in...If it has a vent rib, put sights on it...Williams use to make sights that attach to a vent rib...

I shoot Remington Sluggers out of a '75 vintage 1100...It has a 21 inch, improved barrel with open sights...At 75 yards it will put them in a 2 inch group...

This is your cheapest option, rifled slugs can be pretty accurate if you find what your gun likes...You could also buy a slug barrel for that gun but it's gonna cost you...
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2 yrs ago I had the same ? as you with same gun. I ended up buying the rifled barrel with remington scope from Cabellas. fortunately I was heavy into duck hunting in the past, I am well used to my gun resting in the spot with proper eye relief and pretty much on target without hunting through the scope to find the target. takes some practice but I can pretty much throw it up and micro adjust pull trigger and done.

I would reccomend a red dot scope, or holographic if your gun is not set up properly for your body.
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If you are going to go out and buy a rifled barrel you might as well just buy a dedicated slug gun like and H&R.
Cabelas has a 870 12 gauge slug barrel with iron sights for $204.99
You can get an H&R with a rifled barrel for $269 at bass pro.
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Originally Posted by henson59
If you are going to go out and buy a rifled barrel you might as well just buy a dedicated slug gun like and H&R.
Cabelas has a 870 12 gauge slug barrel with iron sights for $204.99
You can get an H&R with a rifled barrel for $269 at bass pro.
I would buy the rifled barrel much cheaper than buying a slug gun. I bought a hastings rifled barrel for my 870 express mag and it was still cheaper than a whole new gun.
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Like others have said, try a few different rifeld slug factory loads. One should group well. At 75 yards you'll be good to go. And as others have also said, if you can go the route of buying a rifled barrel for your Rem. 870, do so. Effective range will be increased substantially. I see no reason to buy a seperate "slug gun" unless you just want another firearm. One of my long time hunting buddies deer hunts with a Rem 870, rifled barrel set-up with a low power variable Leupold Vari-X III compact. He has killed many a deer cleanly out to 125-150 yards.
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