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red fox urine

Old 10-09-2011, 12:32 PM
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Default red fox urine

I've heard this is an excellent cover scent but never tried using it,just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on using it and hows the best way to use it
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I think it is excellent mid to late season. Early season the does will avoid it due to fawns. I also used Coon sent and have had deer almost step on me walking past me on the ground.
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Gimmick. Save your $$$.
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It will make you smell like a urine soaked human - and not hide you from a deer.
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Yeah I just toured the red fox urine factory. Foxes hooked up to milkers just like cows! Most of them said they were over worked and under payed. Company was thinking about outsourcing to Chinese red foxes. Save your money I agree with Mojotex. When you buy a bottle how do you know if it's real fox urine? Have you ever smelled real fox pee??
Live it up! Deerwoods Doug
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Company was thinking about outsourcing to Chinese red foxes.
India is a popular choice as well. Union foxes over here cost too much.
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We steer clear of most scents, no matter what claim to fame they have.
I remember in the late 70's when "deer lure" was coming to market more widely.
DID see it work back then, but we believe that widespread incorrect slathering of this, has buggered it's affect.
Noise-makers, on the other hand seem to dupe them still.
Bleat calls, grunts, and horns.
We stay clean, hunt the wind, and the venison usually lands in the freezer.
Don't take this as gospel, as these are only our observations, from over 35 years of hunting Whitetails in the central New York area.
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I've been using both Coon and Red Fox urine cover scents for about 5 years and have really had great results. I typically spray it on the bottom of my boots and around the tree above my head to just to break up my scent. Everyone has there own preference on scents but i like my odds when you get a big breeze.
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I dont think theres anything wrong with using urine, I use racoon pee, I still think that no matter want kind urine we spray on us a deer is always gonna know that a human has been there.
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The past two times I have used it, I spray a tall weed or something where I want the deer to go to and stop, usually a 20 yr broadside shot and it's worked like a charm. The deer stop and "smell the roses"...I do make sure it's at nose level for them. I also spray my boots and lower part of my pants.
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