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What are your scariest moments while hunting? >

What are your scariest moments while hunting?

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What are your scariest moments while hunting?

Old 09-23-2011, 06:43 AM
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When using my climber once the bottom section sliped and gave me a scare,I was in a hurry and got careless,don't plan on ever doing that again. I must admit sometimes walking to my spot gives me the creaps when my mind plays tricks on me and i think something is following me in the woods. You seem to hear and see things at that time of the day which are magnified in your mind and therefore spook ya a bit. The thought of a couger,pack of wild dogs or any rabid animal being there is in the back of your mind. I at least cary a knife if Bow hunting or gun to have a chance in close combat with a critter.

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Old 09-23-2011, 07:40 AM
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Living her in Minnesota, we do have wolves, black bears and an ocassional mountain lion, lots of ccoyotes, plous I"ve hnted in the rockies where ther ewere grizzlies , in a lest two states.

Whwn you elk hunt the rockies, you often here things going bump in the dark, fog or low light, usually it is apin squirrel throwign pine cones off a tree - it cfan soudn just like and elk walking. But, only that one time in Idaho did i get really nervous about a predator being out there.

I guess I figure I'm too stringy and tough to eat, and I can put up a pretty good fight with a buck knife, or at 160# I can climb a tree.
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Old 09-23-2011, 08:41 AM
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Duck hunting with my buddies...there were 4 of us and 2 were in a boat out on the pond while i was with another person....we were in this little choke spot where two ridges funnel to a marsh so theres some open water....we hear some ducks flying off in the distance and they fly right in between the 2 guys on the pond and my buddy and i in the choke......well my buddy in the boat decided to shot......i felt pellets hit my wading jacket and around the weeds around me....needless to say he got his gun privilages taken away for that weekend.
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Old 09-23-2011, 04:51 PM
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I am a die hard Archery hunter and love to be in the woods anytime I can. Back in 09 there was a big front coming in from the southeast part of VA. I look forward to hunting a front it really get the deer up and moving.I looked at the forecast,it looked like rain would come in a little after 10am and rain most of the day. I have no problem setting in a stand in the rain,you never what might walk by.

That morning I get up and turn the weather channel on and see the rain will move in early then I hoped for,but I decide to go anyway.I have a 45minute ride to the property and on the way I drive though some lite showers to drizzle. I start telling myself this will get the Deer moving before the big stuff come in.

I arrive at the property with plenty of time to get me and my climber up a tree it"s not to far of a walk about 600yds. If i remember right it about 4:30am,sunrise is around 6:45/7am. I get out of the truck,no rain,no drizzle and the temps are nice with a lite breezes. The wind is not the best for this spot but I figure it will change direction though out the day. I work my way down the side of this ridge to my tree around 5:30,still the weather is holding off and the wind are swirling which play into my favor.

Thoughts of a great day are running though my head has I head up the tree,maybe that big 8 pointer will come by or some of his friend. If I set all day I will take a Doe in the end of day,but no a nice Buck will reward me for my efforts.

Its 6?am by the time I settle in for a great day in the woods with hopes of seeing a few Deer. A short time latter the wind picks up a little here and there. I am right in that time of morning where you can just see but cant really make anything out. You know what I mean the time when you think you see something moving. Is that a Deer? What is that? You look harder into the darkness trying to make out the shape of a Deers body but it never materialized. Right at this point I start to feel the wind pick up,now the tree in starting to move around a bit. I will tell this I can take a tree going right to left all day long and a little forward and back not much but I can deal with it. The only problem is that I cant really see the other tree around me But I can feel I am moving pretty good. I start to get this feeling that I might need to start climbing down but I tell myself not to be a wimp and stay it will clam down. Well it doesnt and now its not getting any lighter out if anything its getting darker. Now the tree is really moving, my day pack is even moving around because of the tree" movement. Okay I will get to the hell of the story. The wind become deafening the lighting is scaring the hell out of me and I still have 25feet to climb down with out killing myself. I drop my day pack tried my bow off to the climber and said a to myself I should have stay home. I really don't remember climbing down but I do remember running with just my bow back to my truck where i sat think how close I came to being in big trouble. The storm went on for about 1 hour when it pasted I went back in to get my stuff. There were 3 trees down around the tree I was in,it was still standing with a few limbs gone that would have taken me out with no problem.The weather channel showed a microburst went right over me.I still like to hunt a good front but I have become a better weather man because of that day.
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Old 09-23-2011, 07:24 PM
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I was out scouting for turkeys for the next morning on my property. I have a path that goes though my woods. Its +-30 minutes after sunset and almost completely dark.

So I am walking on my path in the woods and out of the woods and onto the path, less that 20ft in front of me ... I hear "Crack" and a massive moose comes out. Pretty sure it was a mature female S/he was basically scared of me and went the other direction.

Needless to say my heart essentially skipped a beat!
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Old 09-24-2011, 09:20 PM
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It happened to me last year on Halloween morning. I was walking into my hunting spot in the dark and some prankster loaded up about twenty trees with reflective tacks perfectly spaced apart like sets of eyes. I think my heart skipped a couple beats as I panned the area and it looked like 20 guys where standing just off the trail staring at me with glowing eyes. After that I couldn't get to and up my tree fast enough.
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Old 09-25-2011, 04:33 AM
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Those are very interesting stories, ones I can use in an articl,.Thansk guys, i'm looking forward to more stories.

God bless all of you,

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Old 09-25-2011, 08:20 AM
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when i was 9 yrs old we use to be in a lease of a property that bumped rite up against the edge of... well the ghetto. There was one house inparticular that always seemed to have a party goin on. It was my first time goin bowhunting with my Dad so me and him went to sit on a greenfield that was about 80 yrds from the main road, and just on the other side of that road was the "party house". We got to the field and climbed up the ladder to reach the small platform built up between two split portions of the tree. I sat faceing my dad with about three feet inbetween our faces. At about 430 that afternoon the party across the road promptly began. and by 5 they had decided it would be a good idea to start poppin of shots with a .22 into the woods. about then me and my father heard the wizz of bullets fly threw the trees then not one but two buzzed between my and my dads head, one stricking the railing of the platform! Needless to say we got outta there pretty quick. Never hunted that stand on a weekend hunt again...
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Old 09-25-2011, 02:02 PM
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I spend a lot of time in the woods, and know that the states we hunt in has mountain lions. It has never been a concern to me when I am out though. We have even had hunters report seeing them from the stand in Ne and Mo. As few as there are I have never worried about it. I would be more worried about crossing paths with a badger, since I know they are in Mo. lol

About 6 years ago, after the Iowa season had ended, I stayed to pull climbing sticks from the trees. It had been an exceptionally brutal winter and there was ice and snow on the ground. The property I was on was pasture and would have cattle on it after we were gone for the year. The property was fenced with barbed wire to keep the cattle in, and I was traveling along this fence line. I had made it up the hill fine on my Polaris 400 (old yeller, I called it). Coming down in a different spot, I tried to stay where there were some bare patches in the ice. All seemed fine the 1st quarter way down, and the bare spots were all behind me. Now on all ice I went into a spin, that no matter how hard I tried couldn't come out of. I knew there was a low spot that was slushy before I would hit the barbed wire fence at the bottom. I Thank God it was there. That and the Lord having other plans for me, is what save my caboose. My fear, was that if I had hit the fence and cut myself up or worse, was that no one knew where I was. All of my guides had gone home, and only the lodge owner knew I was still in the area. Kind of scary thing you could be injured and dying, and no one would know where to come look for you before you froze to death.
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Old 09-25-2011, 02:47 PM
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My scariest moment so far is this past Feb. I took my dad, son and brother on a 3 generation/family hog hunt in OK. We had a drive going on and a group of hogs were coming our way. My son, 21yrs old, 6'-4", 240#, liined up on a huge Russian/RazorBack boar coming his way. He shoots over its back on 1st shot, breaks its hind right hip on 2nd shot, then it bears right down on him as he shoots his last shot to only pierce its right ear lobe. I am about 10 feet behind/beside him as he screams he is out of shells!!!!
He was shooting a 20ga slug gun. He had more slugs in his pocket, but has never had to do a tactical emergency reload before. I had my 7mm BR single shot pistol with me and my .45 Kimber on my hip with 200grn Encapsulated Match FMJ's. I drop my 7mm pistol, draw my .45 as my son jumps left towards a tree as the hog gets to him, passes him to only run into a double tap in the forehead. The hog drops dead 8 feet from my son standing behind a tree trunk. My dad was about 40 yds behind/above us on a ridge shaking worse then us for he thought he was going to see us ran over or slashed.
My son found out first hand about how much lead they can take and still go. That slug shattered its hip, but was still able to run like it was never hit. Thats the closest I have ever came to having a really bad day hunting.
Now my son understand why we train as much as we do and how we do what we do. I pays off once in awhile and not always at work.

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