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Deer passing by

Old 09-19-2011, 07:27 AM
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Default Deer passing by

Hey everyone,, Im questioning what to do.. Here in NC it is allowed to bait deer on private land.. I have a new stand location on a hunting club.. I have a tripod stand set up on a thicket next to thick pines. I have not put out any corn but I have deer passing behind me. I was shocked to see 3 bucks come in behind me instead of out of the thicket and swamp area where i was facing. I dont know if i should put out something to stop them like bait or scent for those that are sneaking in behind me. I would never have saw them in most cases.. What suggestions do guys have? Im worried that if i start baiting, the deer will become skiddish instead of just going back and forth between areas..

any way to get them to come around in front of me without messing them up or spooking them?

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Default My $.02

I'm all for baiting (not legal here in VA) I figure it you can bait fish, why not deer? Plus it lets you be more chooosy on how and what you fill your tags with. To me, a limit is a limit period.

Anyway, you don't say how far behind you the deer are passing. Are they out of range?

Don't think corn or other bait is the end all be all. I have put out cord for trail cams when legal and had nothing eat it but squirrels and birds. If deer have plenty of food, it's not big a deal.

Another thing is the rut will change EVERYTHING! Those bucks that are buddies now won't be a few weeks and they will do weird thingfs to get some action. I would think the right scents would work best, but you might have to move your stand if it keeps up once rut starts or after it settles down a bit.

I think setting up bait in a bad spot is just wasting money. Deer stands are like any other real estate; Location, Location, Location.

To give you a good example, on my property we have a stand in the far back that we have never taken a deer from. We built a new one last year about 50 yards away and almost in site of it through the woods but with a different view of things. We took two deer out of it last year and saw dozens more! The new stand is only about 30-35 yards from another stand but they face different directions with thick woods in between. There are not shooting areas in between and both stands are great with totally different paths/areas covered even though they are very close to each other.
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If its legal go for it. I've never had deer spook from me putting out corn. Read my thread about my son shooting his first deer, I put out corn (new area/field I've never hunted) and had deer there that same night. Even shot and missed the next night and they were still there the next 2 days after that and he tagged one yesterday.
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If they are already passing by you, why can't you just shoot them without the bait? Usually making a short bleat sound with your mouth will get them to stop long enough for a shot.

I'm not against corn piles, I just don't get why you think it is necessary in this case.
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hey guys, thanks for the repsonse..
Basically, i dont mind putting out corn but here is my issue.. While i realize deer love corn, these deer have no reason while strolling by to be skiddish.. Meaning that from past baiting expirences, most of my deer in this area will only come to a bait pile right at dark or at dark. While it is still early in the season and the deer arnt spooked yet, I dont want them to wait to come by my stand. Right now they are coming by my location really early in the afternoon and Im afraid that they will change when they come by if bait is out when hunting pressure increases. If i dont use bait, they will have to travel by my stand anyways to go to there feeding area and hopefully it will be before dark. Thats my concern with putting out bait when they are already passing by. So i was looking for a good way to get the deer that are slipping by me from behind to hang out long enough for me to see but not changing there daily routine.. comments?
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I vote that you get a doe bleat since they are already by your stand and all you are trying to do is get them to stop long enough to shoot. I really do not see the point in baiting them if they are already there. Are you rifle or bowhunting? If it is a rifle this should not be a problem but if you are bowhunting it could get a little bit trickier. Also have you thought about turning your stand around? Hope this helps.
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Thanks westtex, honestly im in a tripod,, i can turn any direction and every area looks like a great spot.. behind me is thick brush and pines where they are traveling.. to my left is nothing but huge thicket and brush,,, in front of me is a large opening between two thickets and in the back of that opening a swamp, to my right is where the deer seem to be traveling from but i can see them until they are basically behind me.. Honestly, if it was for two young deer playing, i would never have saw the three bucks. its just there are tooooo many places for a deer to step out. And honestly the bucks were only about 70 yards away but if im not looking through the right holes, ill miss them, but that goes for my whole area.. its a great spot, im just trying to not be looking in the wrong direction in fear that they will pass behind me when im turned the wrong way.. Bait would kinda localize the drama, but again, dont want to make them come by at night.
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Last year we put out corn during our 2 week rifle season and the bucks went nocturnal on us. We had tons of pictures but at night. I'm not putting any corn out this year.
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