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TRACKER 09-18-2011 09:00 PM

New Rubber Boots or ????
I,m always worried abought sent while in the woods hunting .
I mostly where my trust rubber insulated boots .
Well there getting a little aged and cracked so I,m off to buy a new pair or not ??
Should I stay with the total rubber insulated slip ons or go with a scent free tie up version ???
Boots have came a long way over the years and WOW has the price of Rubber gone up $$$$$
Looking at even the cheaper rubber boots at Gander or Dicks there selling at near $100 and up .......
So whitch would you go with as far as style and brand and where is a good place price wise to buy them ??

Gunplummer 09-18-2011 09:44 PM

I don't know first hand, but my Buddy wears some kind of neoprean waders that are really thin. He says they are the same ones he wears fishing and warm too.

minnesotadeer 09-19-2011 06:12 AM

I would go by your hunting situation and worry less about rubber vs lace up. I use knee high rubber because the terrian I hunt has drainage ditches, creeks and wetlands I need to slosh through on a regular basis. So I like to arrive dry especially when its cold. : ) If you just keep them for hunting, a good pair of rubber boots can be had for $100 or less on sale can last you 5+ years. I don't think scent control matters when it comes to rubber versus lace up but rather how you care for them. Use them just for hunting and douse them with some sort of scent killer every now and then.

Stonewall308 09-19-2011 07:59 AM

I bought a pair of rubber slip ons this year for my hunting-only boots. They don't extend past the ankle, so they aren't any good for wading, but they were only $20. I keep them in a very scent controlled environment, in a tupperware with cedar branches along with some other hunting stuff.

I am going to try spraying deer dander on soles this year.

SavageArms 09-19-2011 10:48 AM

Let me tell you right now i used a pair of tie up boots for two years and all that time my hunting partners would all have pull on boots and when your running late on getting in the woods pull on boots are a dream i would stay with the pull on boots they are nice easy to throw on while they might not hold cover scent that well there benefits out way their flaws.

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