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Deepsouthdeerjunky 08-12-2011 04:16 PM

well unfortunately where i hunt the trees are not OUR trees.... so we rele arent even suppose to put in the screw ins... the tree we used was so close to a creek they would never be able to cut it

madvilledoc 08-13-2011 05:24 AM

The easiest way I have found is using my climber in order to hang the stand. I use the climber to climb to the desired height, then pull the lock on up and hang it just above. My hands are free and I have the same freedom of movement as if I was standing on the ground.

On trees that I can't get my climber up, I'll use the lineman's belt like the others. But I much prefer using the climber. Much easier.

Okefenokee Knives 08-13-2011 10:48 AM

In addition to the safety harness and belt I always put a step level with the stand so I dont have to step up into the stand and I put a step above my head to give me something else to hang on to while climbing in to the stand. Buy good quality screw in steps the one that I bought that were made in USA go into trees easy, the chinese one are crap.

sconnyhunter 08-13-2011 12:19 PM

I have seen a lot of hunters suggest buying screw in steps in this an other threads. Whatever you choose to do.

Make sure it is legal.

Here in WI, on public lands, screw in steps are not legal. That doesn't stop some people from doing it anyway, but better safe than sorry.
The DNR here is very happy to ticket a hunter for using that style of step.

deerdust 08-13-2011 09:04 PM

Originally Posted by WNYhunter (Post 3833941)
Here is a hint for you guys, on the land I own and these are my trees. We drill a 5/8 hole into the tree and have 1/2 inch rebar cut to 7-8 inches. No more screwing in steps. Just drill your holes at a downward angle.

Sorry WNY, but I have to tell folks, as I already have about screw-in steps. Your idea may be the cheap way of making steps to your stand, but this is even more dangerous than screw-in steps. If any of you reading this thread have not seen what can happen when someone falls using screw-in steps, google it. You can find a ton of stories, and I have seen the results of a bad fall first hand. It is not a pretty sight. Even the most sure footed person can at some time fall. Even if you are using a climbing stick. The ground impact from a 20 foot fall will hurt you. But if you have something like nails or fishhooks sticking out of the tree to snag you on your way down, it can be devastating. Crippling you for life, if you are one of the lucky ones. Not trying to scare any of you, as I have used them in the past. But it didn't take me long to change my system, once I learned
how dangerous they can be.

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