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Pen Raised Deer

Old 06-09-2011, 05:45 PM
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I'm one of those people that don't believe that is hunting, I've visited a few of these places when I was a kid and was in awe by the deer. One was on a 500 acre spot high fenced and they bragged about having an enormous amount of deer. A number that nature wouldn't able to sustain. It kind of made me wonder.

I guess the thing that did it for me was how are these deer different from cattle? I could raise a calf or fawn for 6 months, let it go with a fence around it and go out and shoot it 2 years later. I wouldn't hunt a cow so why would I hunt a deer that was raised the exact same way. Most of these farmed raised bucks are bottle fed for the first few months of their lives too. That's just my opinion, not trying to convince anyone otherwise. Just thought I voice my thoughts.
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Old 06-11-2011, 07:54 PM
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Personally I love Hunting Free-Ranging Deer,Fair Chase is the way I enjoy Deer Hunting and that's what I'll probably do til the day I die.

One question I have....when Hunting in a "Fenced Area" are You allowed to enter a large Buck in the "Boone & Crocket" or "Pope & Young" Record Books?
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Old 06-12-2011, 10:20 AM
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No, you cannot enter a high fenced buck for the record book. There have been many high fenced bucks killed that would have shattered existing records. Even local deer contests will not allow high fenced bucks to be entered. It's just not fair.
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Old 06-12-2011, 12:03 PM
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If someone wants to pay all that money to shoot a deer in a pen l see nothing wrong with that. It's there money and there bussiness.They aren't taking a animal out of the wild and it is very unlikely you will ever see those people in the woods. So why worry about it.
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I do have a problem with a couple of the guys on this thread that said it isn't hunting and I certainly agree with that, but then they say they would do it if somebody offered them a free hunt in one of those places. Seems a little hypocritical to me! I might go in one just to see and take pictures of some great racks, but no way would I ever shoot an animal under canned conditions where the animal didn't have the same chance of survival as if the fence wasn't there. Just MHO!!!
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i'm thinking if im standing in the middle of a large or small acerage and i see a deer to shoot as long as i use good hunter skills i have a good chance to kill the buck it dont matter if i m in a hi fence or not. that deer has the chance to escape if i dont do my job.
i highly dought that you will ever find a deer that will NOT take off from the sight or smell of you , high fence or not.
the only place i have ever seen that deer dont get nervous when people are around is when you are in a preserve where there is NO HUNTING and people just drive through and look at the animals
you guys act like as soon as the high fence goes up that deer automaticly get stupid
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Originally Posted by c-rad
If someone wants to pay all that money to shoot a deer in a pen l see nothing wrong with that. It's there money and there bussiness.They aren't taking a animal out of the wild and it is very unlikely you will ever see those people in the woods. So why worry about it.
The big picture is, they are on our side as far as hunting goes. Why get all upset about (their) choice and ways they choose to participate, as long as its LEGAL. EVERYONE HAS A RIGHT TO HUNT AS THEY LIKE, as long as it's legal!!!
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These are all good points. Yes it is 300+ acres and they can run away and you can miss or they bust you. This is all true, however these deer are raised in a pen. For several years and feed by humans. After 2-3 years of, people = food these deer will not be so cautious when they see a hunter. They have no reason to fear man. Some of these deer a released to the "hunting" area days before the season. I saw a show just 2 days ago, I believe it was Alan Warren outdoors. They were at a deer farm. The deer were in pens no bigger that a football field. They brought them food supplements and such each day. These deer in no way acted like wild deer. I can't quite decripe it but it was like a happy carefree attitude. I have never seen a wild deer act like this before. Once they get out of their pen and moved to be hunted they are not going to all of a sudden gain all these wild instincts.
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hogshooter---You obviously aren't familiar with how these types of places operate. Once you habituate a deer to feed and humans it doesn't matter if they are in a bigger area because they have lost their wild instincts. Those places also keep feeders out and it just isn't hunting. I was helping at a "Women in the Outdoors" day that our NWTF turkey chapter sponsors and one of the ladies was showing a couple of us instructors some pictures of a big buck she had shot. She was out with a guide in upper MI as it turns out and they were in a tower blind. The buck came in and she spooked it when she hit her gun barrel on the side of the blind. The guide told her not to worry because the buck would be back. Sure enough, in a few minutes he was back at the feed trough and bang!!! That buck cost $5000 and she thought that was hunting. We just said "nice deer" and shook our heads as we walked away. That place is called "The Sanctuary" and the famous John Wooters who wrote for Petersens Hunting Magazine "hunted " there once and wrote an article with the picture of a 160 class buck he shot and I lost all respect for him as he was supposed to be "the whitetail guru" of his time! The big ranches in Texas where they have thousands of acres and the deer are free ranging and reproduce naturally is a completely different situation than what we are talking about and is pretty much a fair chase hunt.

PS: Alan Warren and his "hunts" both suck and it's a shame that type of stuff is put on TV!!!

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its a ruining a great sport. i bet there are more farm raised deer in the record then you think.
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