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Hunting equipment necessary for deer hunting in PA?

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Default Hunting equipment necessary for deer hunting in PA?

I am new to hunting, just last week I got my first rifle. I am just wondering what kind of stuff I will need. I have a coat unfortunatly it has a nylon shell, but what are you going to do? lol. Will jeans be ok to hunt with. and what other stuff might I need? Thanks.
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Default I feel sorry for newbies

There is so much now to buy and choose from to equip a hunter. But son, you don't know jeans. In a Pa snow storm those jeans will hold the cold and not dry on your carcass. Ask someone who does wash, and knows how jeans dry. I'd wear an old pair of wool pants. In the old days, wearing old stuff was permitted. Hunters today are a little more regimented. Had an old wool coat. It didn't come with a nylon shell.

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Really all you need is a license, 250 Sq. Inches of Orange on your head, chest and back, a gun and some ammo. I hunted in jeans for years when I was a kid, but not being able to sit in cold weather for more than a couple hours without freezing, I purchased a camo hunting suit with insulted pants. The bottom line is if you can't afford to buy hunting clothes, just layer up and hunt in what you have. But there are a lot of high tech clothes out there that will keep you warm and be lighter and quieter than your regular clothes. Buy some boots that are either a 1/2 size too big or I like to purchase the extra wide (EEE) boots in my size. This will give you extra room to put on heavy socks without cutting off your circulation to your feet and keep them warm. As you hunt longer you will buy a bunch of stuff that you use once and wonder why did I buy this, LOL! But really all you need are some good clothes, a grunt tube, a good drag rope, gutting knife, gloves, and a backpack to put it all in and carry a sandwich and water.
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Just get out there and do it! My #1 priority as far as clothing goes is a GOOD pair of boots and good warm socks. Seems like if I can keep my feet WARM and DRY I can stay out in anything. Also, get a pair of warm gloves that still allow you to use your fingers, warm and useable fingers is sometimes a hard combo to find... but you can find them
I hunt in jeans, depending on the weather. Buy a cheap pair of long johns and your jeans will be good to go for most of the weather you'll see in PA's gun season.
So... we have a gun and some ammo, a good pair of boots and socks, a good pair of gloves...the last thing I'd say is a good knife and drag rope. That way you're prepared for when you do get one.
Last thing, PA requires 250 square inches of orange, visible 360deg. and on the head chest and back. So basically an orange hat and vest will meet the requirements.
Good Luck!
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cold weather:
wool pants
wool jacket
poly prop sock liner
heavy wool socks
wool gloves
wool hat
800 gram boots{best you can afford}
duofold long johns & top

warmer weather:
camo jeans
long sleave camo t-shirt
light wieght camo sweatshirt
light weight wool sock
baseball cap
uninsulated boots{best you can afford}

flashlite w/xtra batterys
day or fanny pack
firstaid kit
drag rope

thats just the basics that i have to make my hunt comfortable.if i was gonna hunt unfamiliar area that there was possibility of getting lost i'd add a little survival gear to the list.
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I smell something. It's not meat but maybe I smelled it under a bridge onetime where this guy was living.


That's all you have to have. Everything else is optional.
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Default Hunting Gear

In the west they have a saying: "Cotton kills". The point is that jeans are cotton and are worse than useless once wet. If you are clod you will be miserable and not be paying attention to hunting.

You can buy really warm and inexpensive clothing as military surplus. Much of it is new. I have purchased it from Sportsman's Guide and from Cabelas. If you go to Cabelas, they have a bargain or sale area. I picked up a medium pair of wool pants and a heavy pair for about $40 total. Maybe I just got lucky. I have some of the modern hunting clothing but, wool is hard to beat particularly if you remember to buy bigger sizes so that you can layer under them and even put one over the other. Wool retains much of its insulating power even when wet. You can also find surplus boots. Look for the ones that are air insulated. They are a bit clumsy but; your feet are never cold as they are true arctic gear(If your feet are warm, you are warm). Your local Army-Navy store (if they still exist) will also have some of this stuff.

I spent a few buck on a leaf suit that I put over my clothes. It absolutely fools the animals.

Practice with your rifle. Try different ammo to see which groups best.

Best of luck!
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Don't forget the truck Dude! Ya got to get yourself a big ol' 4x4 to get them there monsters out, lol. Good luck and I wish you the very best
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"Gun, Bullets, License" Luckydog

...............and anything I need to spend the night, if necessary.

Be prepared; the life you save, might be your own !!!
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Originally Posted by Sheridan
"Gun, Bullets, License" Luckydog

...............and anything I need to spend the night, if necessary.

Be prepared; the life you save, might be your own !!!
Yup you never know when you might have to spend an unexpected night in the woods.
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