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Hunter4Life43 01-12-2011 06:44 PM

Hard decisions
Well guys/girls just wanted to say hey and some of you guys may know me from the previous name Down & Out Hunting. This year was a great year for me as i killed my biggest buck to date and we layed down alot of great footage (we recently started to film our hunts). Well today i was faced with probably one of the worst decisions a man who loves to hunt has to face. My fiance came home from work (she is a Physicians Assistant) and she got a job offer to move to Chicago to make more money. Well this would mean i would have to leave me and my families farm behind. (we farm around 6000 acres or corn and soybeans) I really wont have much of an opportunity to hunt, i also work a full time job in Ag. retail as a salesman and i wouldn't be able to work because theres not much Ag. in the city and im just not a city kind of person. I have tried talking to her about it and she can't pass up the kind of money that she is being offered but on the other hand im leaving everything i love and know behind. If anyone of you guys/girls have any advice to throw my way i would very much appreciate it.

uncle matt 01-12-2011 08:23 PM

Well she sounds a bit self centered. (should fit in well in Chicago, believe me).

Yeah she has a job offer but let me tell you. My wife in a nurse, my SIL is a nurse, my aunt is a nurse and they all work here in Chicagoland. Every year there are whole new flocks of fresh nurses (and Dr Assts) coming out of the schools around here.

There is always the chance that whatever job you take doesn't pan out to be what you expect - I hear the talking often enough. So she may come up here or drag you up here and that "can't pass it up job" may not even work out. Then you (she) winds up going here and there looking for something that feels right.

I assume you are both working now (where are you at anyway?) so what is so bad about that? Is where she's at now so bad? I assume you are younger and then there should be moving up and advancement where you currently are, am I right?

The cost of things in Chicago is ridiculous! Some of the highest taxes anywhere. Parking on the streets is ALL metered - basically EVERYWHERE, and it is $5.00 and hour payable by quarters or credit card only at little pay box machines on each block. Everything costs more, more, more. Food, gas, insurance, housing. You will think they have a big, unfair tax on EVERYTHING and then they go ahead and raise taxes and tax things never taxed before. It is all f'ed up in Chicago!!! So much cronyism, crooked deals, TRAFFIC!, TRAFFIC! & TRAFFIC! plus there is TRAFFIC! It is VERY DIFFERENT driving than probobly where you are at. People around here are idiots on cellphones and each and everyone of them is more important than anyone else.

My advice? I have lived my entire 46 years here in the SW suburbs and work and drive in the city alot. People are fleeing Chicago (and IL to a lesser extent) in record numbers.

For your own sanity, health and mental well-being.............

DO NOT COME TO CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Might want to consider letting her go ahead to this great dream job she has been offered and try it for a year or so and if it looks OK to her maybe you can join. Probobly do your relationship good to put it to the strength test.

TRACKER 01-12-2011 08:32 PM

If it were me .....
I,d move so of course she would be making some very good money as you stated .
Soooo .,,,,,,, I f your a saleman by trade I,m sure you could find a part time postion, maybe one that would require a little traveling ????
Keep the family farm and stil be able to come back home to hunt as you wish ..
Sounds good on paper, But also sounds good to me ...
Good luck in your endeverse and in what ever you choose .
If hunting is your thing , you will find a way and or place to continue doing what you love to do most ,.,,,,,,

Backwoods7 01-12-2011 09:18 PM

Let her try it out for 6 months or so and if she feels it's right you go see if you like it if you can't stand it there tell her if she really cares about you shell not put money in front of your happiness.

Hoyt21 01-13-2011 02:43 AM

Just make time to hunt. Weekends,Holidays, Whenever you can. Sometimes we have to sacrifice a little for loves ones. Imagine would it be with out her? Is it worth it?

rlpsystems 01-13-2011 03:08 AM

Let her go. You stay. If you go and leave behind what you truely love you may grow to resent her for that. And if your talking about having her as your bride it may not work out. I think your supposed to leave every light in the house on.

rlpsystems 01-13-2011 03:10 AM

Oh, maybe you should know that I'm divorced because I love my job, and that I work all the time. I have also been told that I'm pretty selfish...... But I dont think so... As I see it I constantly give, give, give. lol

Hunter4Life43 01-13-2011 05:06 AM

Thanks for the help guys..She likes the job shes at now but she wants to move on to bigger and better which i understand. But there are so many other places she could go that doesnt have the high cost of living and where i could get a job. I love my job i have now and she knows i really dont want to leave but we both agreed that if either one of us gets a transfer or a job offer we would both re-locate. Im not saying i dont want to move i just love the country lifestyle to much.

timbercruiser 01-13-2011 06:01 AM

IMHO if you move to Chicago then you will never be happy. Let her move and try it out, she may change her mind. I would think physicans assistants could get good jobs in almost any town. I don't know how many are involved with the family farm, but if you leave what is the effect on the future of the farm. I hate to be harsh, but there are things more important than money, you might wind up with another girl that shares your passion for the outdoors like you do. Does Tiffany have a sister?

SJAdventures 01-13-2011 09:57 AM

I gave up ***everything*** I had to be with the love of my life but you had better be sure she is the love of your life. Moving from a farm life to Chicago is going to be a major culture shock.

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