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any 20gauge slug shooters?

Old 12-21-2010, 09:48 AM
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PS- the only time I've had a deer drop with a 12ga slug was a doe/button buck at 75yds I think, and a buck I spined at 20yds, I once put 5 rounds in the heart of a buck at like 40yds that just stood there...

These guys who say they love/prefer 12gauges make me laugh, to each their own though, but for deer, I see no reason for a 12 ga over a 20ga.
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Old 12-21-2010, 10:14 AM
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ok thanks guys, ill have to look into the rifled choke and see if it helps. Either that or get a lot of time in shooting regular shot thru the rifled barrel and learn how it patterns. Here in virginia so many seasons overlap and im always bumping into what im not hunting for, since the encore is single shot, i could see just changing ammo real quick when im squirrel hunting and bump a buck or turkey....or vice-versa. Just have to find a do it all barrel and im there.
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Old 12-21-2010, 11:18 AM
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5 rounds in the heart and it just stood there? With a 12 gauge to boot. LMAO.
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Originally Posted by Nimrodder
5 rounds in the heart and it just stood there? With a 12 gauge to boot. LMAO.
It was one of those DNR robot deer

And he was wide..
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i often hunt deer and hogs on shotgun only property using a 20 gauge model 870 Express rifled barrel shotgun. My preferred load is the Winchester Partition Gold sabot slug. The slug is the excellent 260 grain Partition bullet.

Killed a few deer and about 15 hogs with that round-all one shot kills except for a 275 pound boar hog that needed a coup de gras.
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here is another critter met the wrath of my kids 870 jr. same old cheap win. sabot slugs one shot the bear went 30 yards tops.this was in northern ontario just before archery moose hunting we had a couple free days .i hunted with my bow and took one with it .this is my brother with the first bear he ever saw.don't under estmate a 20 ga.

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here are a couple more pics .my kids with there first turkeys both with the 870 jr.i shot one with this gun at 55yards and dumped it.miss judged the distance but the thing patters great. i do buy the best turkey loads you can get for it

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I have both a 12 ga. and a 20 ga.
20 ga. shoots better, is lighter and more compact.
Since I got the 20ga. I really haven't used the 12ga slug gun.
Remington 870 express, rifled barrel, Bushnell scope, Remington Acutip slugs.

Here is my 12ga.
Mossberg 935, rifled barrel, bushnell scope, Remington Acutip slugs.

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I have 5 different slug guns with rifled barrels and scopes. I am not sure why but I do. My 2 favorites are my H&R's. I have a 12 gauge and a 20. The 12 is my go to gun. I can honestly say that me nor anybody else I know has seen the 20 gauge shoot better than the 12. It all depends on the shell you are shooting. Personal preference is another big factor. I have shot deer out to 246 yards with my 12 gauge. I am sure my 20 will do it to. I just havent had the oppurtunity to shoot a deer over 120 yards with it yet. I can say that my 20 gauge H&R with the thumbhole stock and a nikon 4x12x50 shoots a 1 inch group at 100 yards and is 13 inches low at 200. My 12 gauge with a 4x16x50 shoots hole for hole at 100 yards and is 11 inches low at 200. I personally prefer my 12 gauge since it has been the demise of more deer than my 20 gauge but only because I have had it longer.
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Old 12-22-2010, 06:30 AM
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i used a 20ga for two years and have gotten two deer. the first was a doe that took seven shots (it was the shooter not the gun). the sad thing was i could have reloaded a muzzle loader in between every shot and still got it. At 100yds i droped her dead. with the second deer it was a nice basket rack 8 pointer at a jog at about 80yds. it doensnt matter what kind of slugs u get. they will do the job
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