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Nice 10 and 11 in one week. Good year!

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Default Nice 10 and 11 in one week. Good year!

I put a lot effort in one of the properties that just I could hunt at this year. After hanging a ladderstand and two pegg stands, along with making one good food plot, I felt pretty good about the work I put into the land a month or two before season. Since I am primarly I still-hunter, I do not use climbers so that I can quickly get up in a spot or get out. The first buck I shot was out of the ladderstand. I heard a stick break and looked behind my tree to see the 10 point looking right at me at 35 yards. He however turned and gave me broadside shot as he began to come in view from behind my tree. He was a younger animal but a real hoss weighing more then 200 pounds. Guy at the processor said it was the biggest deer he had seen all season so far. Six days later I had to drive my girlfriend to school and then race back to the house to get in the woods. Running deep into the woods I passed my food plot just as it was getting barely light. It was then that a doe that had been in the thick stuff in the middle of the field bounded out and infront of me. Out of all the places I expected to see a monster there he was running right in the open coming from a patch of thick stuff no bigger then 15 yards across. When she stopped, he did and that was that. It gets better the older 11 point had my broad head in him from last year!!! I had shot a nice 9 point with my bow and was heart broken when I could never find him. It had collided with his spine but didnt break it. Now that broad head sits on his mount.

*Anyone know how to upload multiple pics?!
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Nice buck.congrats
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Beautiful deer and great stories..
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Pretty impressive, Congrats.
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Two great bucks!
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Holy bone!!! Those are 2 tuds. Congrats.
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Those are a couple great bucks. Congrats and good stories.
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That's some nice whitetails there! good for you.

how come you're all camo'd out and there's a guy next to you in his boxer shorts? :-)
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Nice bucks, congrats!
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Sweet Congrats!!
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