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deerslayer223 12-10-2010 11:02 PM

Great Season in PA.
I haven't been around for a while but am a long time member and used to be very active on this forum some of you may remember me. Been very busy with some personal things going on and finally got the time to come back. I had another successful year in 2C in Pennsylvania. I was able to kill a Mature Doe a Doe fawn thought it was the big Doe easy enough to make that mistake in the Brush and a 4pt buck. Before anyone wants to jump on me for that I am a Disabled hunter and posess a valid Disabled Person permit so it was perfectly legal. It was a hard year though I severed tendons in my finger and had to get them re-attached and missed the last 2 weeks of archery season. I wasn't to thrilled about having to have the procedure done at that time but ya gota do what ya gota do. I saw 14 bucks in archery many of them in range but never had a good shot either moving or bad angle or what not. I wont take a shot unless I am 100% sure I can put it in the 10ring so I elected to pass. I shot a Large Doe in early firearm season which made some tasty canned deer meat and some great steaks. I was able to Harvest a 4pt opening day of rifle season at 7:02 talk about getting it done early I was very happy with it seeing as to how I havent seen a buck in gun season since makes me not regret the decision at all. I was able to Harvest a small doe on Wednesday evening as she came to feed during a break in the snow storm. This is the first time I have harvested 2 does in the same year in about 7yr but I hunt a large parcle of land about 4thou acres and we need to do some serious doe management on it and I wanted some meat for bologna. It was the only deer I harvested on that land though. The first Doe and my 4pt were harvested on public land on my friends farm. We had 3 bucks down by 7:30am on opening day went 3-6 on bucks in deer camp from how everyone elses season has been going I think we were very lucky. I feel blessed to have had such a succesful hunting season and have a great record going in PA. That makes 9 bucks so far and 26 deer total for me in PA I dont think thats to bad for a 23yr old. Hunting is hard but with a little bit of time spent scouting some general knowledge and alot of luck it's still possible to punch some tags in the Keystone state. I hope everyone else had a succesful season and got to spend some time in the great outdoors with there loved ones and friends.

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