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Every scrap of meat

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Originally Posted by Bocajnala View Post
It depends. It seems like I do with it whatever way time allows. I make alot of canned meat,sausage, bologna, jerky, and deer sticks. So when Im able to I try and cut everything down to bone. But so far this year I've only been cutting good stuff. If I get a doe over my christmas break tho I'll have time to cut it down nice.
This is me too. If I have plenty of time while butchering, it generally means I didn't do well hunting because I don't have much venison to cut. In that case I'll likely even shave the ribs. Typically I don't go that far.

Since I hunt for the meat, I target small to mid sized doe and will only shoot a buck if he's not with a doe. The bucks all get quartered and sent to the Amish to make into trail meat (we're going to start making our own). The straps become jerky. I'll keep the inner loins for steaks, and that's it. I spend a LOT of time on the does.
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I do it just like you BC.
Our deer aren't big enough to have any rib meat, LOL

I shoot 2-4 a year typically, and my son usually shoots a couple now also...so we have plenty of meat. I don't waste alot of meat, but I'm not spending alot of time going after every sliver. Same thing goes with shot up parts (shoulders, etc)...I'll salvage what I can but I'm not spending much time trying to clean up a shot up shoulder and get every ounce of meat I can.
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We do our own in a pretty similar fashion. On a 9 point I shot in NY this year, I ended up weighing all the crap that I trimmed off, and came up with 12 pounds just off the backstaps and hind quarter. I'd rather not eat anything but good clean meat so I trim it the way I want to eat it. This is the exact reason why I do my own. I'm good friends with a deer processor, but they throw a lot more in the grinder than I care to try to gnaw on. I typically clean my meat to my liking, gather my own ingredients and he'll let me use his grinder when he's done for a small fee and some time cleaning it up for him.
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Believe it or not the neck roast is an excellent roast..I take 2 roast out of the neck most of the time

I ..also cut out one slab of ribs off..the other side was too busted up.

The front roast when prepared right will fall off the bones.

I get 3 roast out of each hind quarter

backstraps and inner loins

some flank but not much

usally 3 -5 bags of quality stew meat and 3 meals of soup meat/hocks

I process my own..if I get another deer..the hinds will be burger and sausage
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we're pretty much the same here, hinds, fronts, straps, and loins, typically i shoot through the white throat patch, so there usually isn't much neck roast left. Grind the fronts, steaks and roasts out of most of the rest.
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I grind up all the fatty scraps, I actually like it fatty for chili and burgers ,its jucier, I hate dry meat. I dont mess w the ribs and i dont go crazy deboning, I leave a little meat on the bones and give em to my friends w/ dogs.
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I do what you do. I never mess with rib meat. I'll process 5 or 6 for my family and freinds each year. I have an uncle that likes to grind his deer meat. I keep shanks, neck meat, scraps and flank meat for him. Brought him 40 lbs of trimmed and frozen meat like this last week.
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I just got done doing 3 of the 6 deer we have so far... I'd say I got 75% of the meat off of them.. The other 25% is all the small fat and stuff that no one really bothers to even take off.
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I cut all the meat off a doe's neck, generally not a buck, or one with a thick swollen neck.

I just cut off the chunks for grinding.

How do you guys make neck roasts? You just cut the neck at the skull, and cut past the shoulders? And cut out the throat, etc?
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My grandfather talked like the neck roast was as good as the backstrap..if not better..I nearly agree..The neck is awesome

Bigcountry...simply pull the skin as far as you can toward the deer;s chin..I had a hard time as the buck's neck was swollen..just do the best you can..Then either cut the neck in 2 or just make oine huge roast..

Next..put neck in large crock pot
Dump the entire contents of Greek Peppers in the crock pot with a package of dry Italian dressing..cook for 9 hours on low..One of the best roast you will ever eat..Falls off the bone
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