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Buck shot vs. Deer Slugs

Old 11-28-2010, 04:23 PM
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Default Buck shot vs. Deer Slugs

Rather new here, curious about the pros & cons between the two.
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Well, I don't know about your area, but here buck shot is illegal for deer hunting.
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illegal in ky too
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I just save the buck shot for zombie suppression.
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plain silly to choose to use buckshot over a slug. Throwing a spray of pellets with a limited range versus a precision projectile with easily 3 times the range.

Guys can talk all they want about the deer they have killed with buckshot, the situations it's good for but plain and simple it's because they worry about missing with a slug and think throwing a spray of pellets will give them a better chance. In other words they aren't confident in thier shooting and don't worry about wounding deer.

Buckshot is a 50 yd ammo. If you can't hit the deer with precision at 50 yds with a slug stay out of the bush.

My opinion and I am guessing that some State lawmakers agree whihc is why it's illegal in some places.
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Buckshot is illegal in our area too, and it's a damn good thing, there should be a difference in hunting pheasants and whitetails.
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from someone who has shot plenty of both, take a good slug gun, buckshot is best saved for the movies and very, very, close work....i have killed a bunch of deer with buckshot, but i'd rate it the least effective choice of anything i have ever used.....
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I think it is illegal in Indiana also. I only use it for home protection.
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In most state's buckshot is illegal and for good reason.

Your range is very limited with buckshot and there's really no need to pepper a whitetail.

Slug hands down.

Better range and a solid projectile for a one hit kill.
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I used buckshot for over 30 years when we use to dog hunt in Alabama. I probably killed over 100 deer with buckshot, it was the only legal round we could use. When used within its limitations it is a very deadly round. For general hunting today I would chose a good scoped slug gun with modern slugs. There has been a lot of improvement in the past 10 years in slugs, much better range and accuracy.
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