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w.forthewin 11-23-2010 12:36 PM

Beginner Hunter, Need Advice
Hello, Everyone!

I wanted to know if anyone has any advice for someone who has never been hunting. How would one find a hunting mentor or hunting partner that can teach show me the ropes.

Unlike many of you, I did not have the privilege of close family members or friends that were interested in the sport while I was growing up.

I live in Texas and have looked into some training programs but that is about all I can find.

Any advice will be helpful!

Kirch 11-23-2010 01:24 PM

are there local hunting clubs in your area? or even a gun range? I'd join a hunting club or lease and feel the guys out and go from there. some place that practices QDMA would be idea. if you cant find something like that just ask around the local ranges, gun & archery shops.

Terasec 11-23-2010 01:36 PM

if your interested enough to get here and ask,
sure you will find your way through the woods,
first, do you have your hunter ed certification?
course and asking instructors there will be a great start,
others may know better about asking clubs and such,
i myself being from NYC also took up hunting on my own, without mentor and such.
first step is just getting out there,
even if its just scouting, or going out with a camera,
if your a kid, look into youth groups in your area, many times clubs will sponsor a youth day and such,
when it comes to checking regs and legality of what you can do/not do, ask others but ALWAYS look it up yourself in your state regs to double check, the regs will be your best friend out there.
can also try asking those where you will be buying your gear from(avoid asking clerks at walmart though)

good luck out there,
and can always pop in here to ask questions,

Daveboone 11-23-2010 03:18 PM

Do any local sportsmans clubs have youth leagues? if so, try to get involved and make contacts. Have you taken a hunter safety course yet? Another opportunity to network. Perhaps contact a local club or two and mention you would like to volunteer there (probably gruntwork, but what the heck) in trade for exposure. Show them you are a hard working honest guy. DO NOT try to impress them with what you know. Impress them with your willingness to listen and learn. Good Luck.

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