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NJheadhunter71 11-20-2010 07:14 PM

Boy did my son mess up tonight
It was youth day here in Jersey and that means the kiddies (16 and under) get a crack at the deer with their choice of weapon. Of course most take a gun and if they get a deer it doesn't count against their regular license. Well my son thought it better he go skate boarding with his friends so I said OK but you'll be sorry if a big one shows up and off I drove to our property with bow in hand. Guess what? A complete hog showed up 25 yrds in front of our stand and I got shaking so bad I missed it :bash:. It would have at least grossed 135"! He still thinks I'm lying about it. FYI I also missed him in the beginning of the season in Sept. when my bolt hit an unseen twig.

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