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Gun Deer Only

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I thought the same thing the first time I read it.
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Not a trophy, but actually a cull 8 I removed from my place a couple of weeks ago. 3yr old, avg body, good frame, decent tines but NO browtines. This is the 3rd "browless buck" we've seen on my place this season so I decided to punch his ticket. Was a unique hunt to say the least, he was standing on a wooden bridge when I shot him. (A bridge that is over a creek with standing water on my farm. Farm road, NOT a public road before anyone asks!) The gun is a 1983 Weatherby Mark V Deluxe, 300Wby that belonged to my step-father who passed to cancer in 2005, it was his elk rifle but he had never actually drawn blood with the rifle and never used it other than on occasional trips out west. So the rifle was 31 years in the making before it actually drew first blood.)
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Default Alberta Whitetail

A couple nice bucks taken from Spitzig's Outfitting in Alberta, Canada.
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My first nice buck.
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Default In-Law got a nice one

So I hadn't hunted my honey hole stand all year. Wanted to leave it for the last few weeks and it always has 20 to 30 deer at a time, coming to it. My in-law only had one evening to hunt due to his work schedule. I told him to take my Tower Stand which is the 25 foot SkyScraper ladder stand. I told him if he couldn't kill a deer out of it then he was doing something wrong. An hour later I hear the pop of shotgun go off. I thought man that is great!!! He got him a doe and has the meat he wants!!! I got down to him. I seen this laying on the ground!!! I gave him hell about it joking around with him but was very pleased to see he had gotten a nice one. For as hard as the man works, he deserved every bit of that deer. CONGRATS LARRY!!!!!
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Originally Posted by BrianSpitzig
A couple nice bucks taken from Spitzig's Outfitting in Alberta, Canada.
Nice bucks and very interesting that you only have four posts on this website and all four are illegal advertisements for your business in that they aren't in the Classified Section that the site rules require!
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Originally Posted by IdahoHunt

My first nice buck.
IdahoHunt! You got you a nice ol boy there bud!!! Congrats!!!
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After eating "tag soup" on my stone sheep / grizzly hunt in early September I headed east from the coast for our annual late November Monashee whitetail hunt. 3 days of heavy snow fall resulted in almost zero deer movement but it finally abated early on the 25th and I went and sat in a tree stand in my "honey hole" at dawn. 20 minutes after I got in this guy appeared- in my peripheral I saw deer... buck... shooter... dropped my mitts on the stand floor and cocked and brought my TC prohunter 45-70 up. I had a small shooting window and he didn't look like he was going to hang around long so it was on target and "bang". He did the classic tail down bolt and I was sure I had him. Blood sign pretty much confirmed it and I found him piled up about 50 yds from the stand.

Trail cam shot of me dragging him out

Meat in the freezer!


When I caped him out I found he had 3 worn down front teeth , a loose one and some missing, his back molars were all black and worn down, his driver side ear had a big healed rip in it.
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Wow, that would be quite a job to lug that out by yourself in that heavy snow! Must have been well over 200 pounds. What a nice buck! And a LOT of meat.
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That's why they make ATV's!!!!!
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