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How many bullets?

Old 11-10-2010, 07:04 AM
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3 or 4 in the mag. Or a loaded ML with 2 or 3 backup loads. Or 2 or 3 arrows.
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For bp I have one in the gun and three speed loaders in my pockets.
For my 7mm I have four in the gun and three in my pockets.
For my 12ga. I have three in the gun and five on my side on my belt.
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Muzzleloading: three extra. Cartridge rifle: usually magazine capacity, except single shots: then usually a leather shell holder of 5.
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Originally Posted by Allen Denton
we also can take the plug out for deer in Virginia and I have 4 3 1/2 inch in the gun and 6 in my pocket, what is left from the 2 boxes. I also have my sons extras for his 20 gauge in my other pocket. He can hold 5 in his and then I hold the other five.
Who do you get your 3-1/2" slugs from? Thought about carring them for bear recovery.
Here in Il, I carry a ML for deer season and carry one in the pipe, 2 in SL's in my pocket. That and I carry a single shot .44 Mag as well. One in the pipe, 3 in pocket as well. I started carrying a .460 last year, but it is REALLY rough shooting it from a pop-up blind. Muzzle blast is a BIATCH!!!!

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3 arrows in the quiver, and 3 speedloads for the ML. I don't rifle hunt nomore. I did when I 1st started hunting and I carried so much ammo it was embarrasing. The deer could here me coming a mile away with all the clinging from the shells in my pocket.
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It varies depending on what gun I'm carrying, but usually enough to reload twice. Better to have them, just in case.
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This season will be my first ever gun hunt I used my bow all last season and enjoyed the challenge. I bought my ML this winter and can't wait to use it this weekend hopefully. Thanks for asking the question because after reading the answers I got an idea about how much to take. I was going to say 2 loads for my ML,one for the deer and one for me for missing but if I missed the deer I may miss myself so I better take 3. All joking aside I got my ML zeroed in yesterday and if I miss it won't be the ML fault that thing is spot on at 100+ easy.Good Hunting to everyone,by the way I will take at least 6 loaders with me,yotes and a big cat are in my area. Someone released a panther in our area and it is very active even the game warden has seen him and has told us to put a round in him if we see it. A nice mount he would make. Later
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4 or 5 in the gun (depends on which one I take) and I cut the plastic bullet holders that come with the Federal ammo I use into a couple of pieces that hold 5 shots each. The holders keep the shells from clacking in my pocket and are easy to use if I need to re-load. I keep one in my pocket for a quick re-load and the other one on my pack just for the security of knowing I have more. I can't think of anything worse than having an empty gun in the field and all the bullets are back at camp or in the truck. With the ML I have the gun loaded and carry 3 speed loaders.
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My philosophy...better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Good advice for many aspects of life. That said I carry 1 box (-4 in rifle).
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I have my gun loaded 1 in the pipe and 3 in the clip then i also have 7 extras in my coat pocket.
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