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How to “do” deer camp?

Old 11-08-2010, 11:34 AM
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Default How to “do” deer camp?

I’ve been thinking about this…I’d like to get four or so of my buddies together and do a week-long hunting camp somewhere in the mountains of Virginia next season. Thing is, I have no idea of how to go about something like this. A cabin would be better than living out of tents (especially for food prep purposes), but either would be doable. To those of you who have had successful camps, what logistics were involved? How did you make it happen?
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thanks for posting this i am curious myself
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I have made many 9 day long hunting trips to Bath Co VA in the hidden valley area. We have used campers, tents, army tents, trucks, and even cheated and got a hotel for a couple days. The cheapest way is to get a tent and camp beside of the dirt road, not in the camp ground. I always take a grill for food prep. We always eat good so the food is our most expensive part. A good sleeping bag is a must because it will get cold on the mountain. I have woke up to -20* F temps before (the eggs were froze solid, ate oatmeal). You can make it with next to nothing if you wanted too do it cheap but the more you have the better and easier it is. I usually always take these items: Tent, sleeping bag, propane grill with a side burner, cook ware and utensils, ax and splitting maul, big cooler, plenty of water, chainsaw, a folding table is nice. As far as food we usually done eggs and toast and oatmeal in the mornings, sandwhiches and beans and snack cakes for lunch, and meat with tatters for dinner.
It seems like a lot but it is SO worth going. You will make friends for life just from camping and hunting together. I have been going since 1997 and look forward to it every year. Even though we don't kill HUGE bucks I would rather go a week in the mountains with my dad and grandpaw and brother than all of hunting season in Pike Co. or somewhere like that.

Also, when you camp beside of the road you can walk to the woods in about 10 seconds! No driving unless you just want to.

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We do Deer Camp every year for the last 20 years,..Good Times, I'm packing this week..Here's some pics .. We started out with pop-ups, some years we used campers, then we started bringing up the Army Tent, wood stove, nothing better. Don't stay in a cabin..Try a Tent, you will survive..we're a bunch of Old farts a we still do it..LOL

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We have a little cabin in wolf co ky we use. Got 2 rooms and a loft. It's not fancy we do have power some what it has one light inside and one on the porch we heat it with a wood stove that we also cook on. We also have a charcoal grill outside it's the best way to catch up with friends and family you only see a couple of times a year. We built the cabin from trees off the farm wich is cool. My dad uncle and grandad built it in 2000 before that we used tents and campers. I enjoy the camp time as much as the hunting time.
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Now thats a SET UP! Our army tent was round but we had the wood stove and cots and that worked out great. It sucks setting it up and taking it down but well worth it in the end!
Nice pics!
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Like others have said, the more perks you have the better it is, but just a week with the guys is gauranteed to be a good time. I've never been to deer camp and not had fun.
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Glockman55 that is the way to set up deer camp!
Good luck!
Live it up! Doug
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Have to go stake out a good place before season obvs. We used to go down to Buffalo lake in WV. We were less then 2 miles from VA where we camped. Its right were rt 33 and 250 come together. Basically we took weekend rides to public hunting grounds and looked for places to camp. We used large tent with stove Cabela's sells and the 4 of us went down for 5 days for about 4 years straight.

You learn each year what you do and dont need. We took propane heaters instead of a small woodstove the 1st year. That was a horrible idea. We purchased the water heater device for showers. The public ground had permanent porta potties for our more serious business.

Just remember to leave early if you find a good spot most likely other folks know about it to and will be heading down there. Have a plan B and C where to go. If you want more info on the place Im talking about PM me. Like I said we were very close to VA line at our camp site. The nearest town was Bartow WV and it did have a small hotel and restaraunt to get a hot meal at the end of the day. Its all what you make it really.

If you do go miles from home and its miles from no-where make sure you bring a back up gun to share between the group JIC something happens so no ones hunt is ruined. 1st year we went bud dropped gun and scope broke. That god we had an extra.
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Deer camp is definitely fun. My first and only experience so far was back in 2008. About 10 people drove up with campers and supplies. They would form a ring around a clearing, then set up a 40x20 something army tent complete with shower, woodburning stove, sink with running water, oven, dishwasher and a flatscreen TV with cable. On the 4th day of staying there, they tore it all down and left. It was fun, but seriously leave it up longer!
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