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A little Halloween Majic for my daughter! With pic!

Old 11-03-2010, 06:21 PM
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Default A little Halloween Majic for my daughter! With pic!

Took my 11 year old daughter youth firearms hunting on oct. 31st and she was lucky enough to harvest a button buck!! This was her first deer and second time out hunting this year.

Here is the story, WARNING it is going to be loooong!

Took my youngest son out Sat. evening seen two twin yearlings and he got a shot on one of them and I noticed out the corner of my eye when he shot he pull off on it. He did hit the deer but there was very little blood. We tried 3 different times to locate it but no luck, I don't like to give up on a wounded animal but there was very little blood and it only lasted about 100yrds just a spec here and there.

So fast forward to Sunday evening with my daughter.... The first hour of the hunt was uneventfull then we had a coyote come in to about 250yrds, at the sametime we had a grey fox come to about 10 feet from us before it took notice of us and we where on the ground. It went down the little rise we where hunting on a started to bark at us so I looked all around to make sure no deer where around and to my suprise there was another grey fox 40 yrds behind us, so get up and run at the one barking and they both run off. Then an armidilo came out for a while and it wasn't 10 mins after I ran the foxes off and one came 10 feet from us again, stopped and stared at us for a min then countuied on.

About 10 mins later she seen a deer to our right and behind us and then another both where about 300yrds away and told they where way to far and to wait and see what happens. One of the deer got within 60-70yrds and I told her when it turns broadside to go ahead and take the shot when she is ready, which took forever and then I here the shot and the deer drop in it's tracks! I was so happy and so was she! I asked her later why so took so long to take the shot and she said I didn't want to wound it. Music to my ears!!! And the two deer we seen then where twin yearlings also.

Next day I go to skin it and notice a fresh bullet hole in the back leg just above the knee about the size of my pinky. And I am almost sure it was the same deer my son shot the day before, same spot and both where twins.

Kind of amazing that it happened the way it did.

And those foxs where very pretty!!!

We had a great hunt before she ever harvested the deer but that put the icing on the the cake!!!!!!!

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One thing I would like to add is that it was with in 30 mins to being exactly one year that my son harvested his first deer, same spot just hers was about 30 mins earlier.
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congratulations , very nice deer. I wish you a life time of sucessful hunting.
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Huge congratulations to both you and your daughter. Her smile tells me that she had a good time hunting with her ol' man... I wish many more successful hunts for you and your family.
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Its more fun for me watching my kids succeed than myself. Its truly a humbling moment sharing the raw emotion of the hunt w/ ur kids. Great pic and a big congrats looks like she better give bro some shooting lessons.
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Congrats to your daughter on her first deer she'll remember it for along time not only because she shot her first deer but dad was out there with her to share the excitement.I hope your son gets his deer this year also ,oh i might add how cool was that that your daughter got the same deer your son miss ,he started it and she finish the job lol.
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Great job Young Lady & Dad!
That's perfect!!!
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Congrats to you both.
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Well God bless her little pea picking heart ...that smile is what it is ALL about ..tell her ole dd says GREAT job!

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I think the smile says it all!!!
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