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Wish us luck...(Updated)

Old 11-03-2010, 02:06 PM
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Default Wish us luck...(Updated)

Well 10 days from now my brother and I, along with an older hunting buddy will be taking my disabled Dad for a primitive weapon gun hunt here in MS. He was the one who introduced my brothers and I to hunting years back and had been the patriarch of our hunting camp up until 5 years ago when he suffered a stroke that has disabled the majority of the left side of his body.

His longterm memory is perfect it is just his short term memory that lacks, but then again whose doesn't. Due to his handicaps we have only been able to take him out hunting about 3 times over the last few years but he hasn't been able to bag a deer yet. November the 13th we are planning on taking him out again that afternoon to try his luck again. We use a low recoil gun along with a sand bag in a shoot house to help him shoot with his good, right arm.

Say some prayers for us that he gets a shot at one and hopefully bags a deer. I know it would make his year to get his own deer since he lives hunting season now through my brothers and mine's successes instead of his own.

It is sure to be an emotional hunt. Good luck to everyone else out there as the gun seasons begin to start.

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Best of luck to you. That's great that y'all are doing that. Awesome.
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Old 11-03-2010, 03:38 PM
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Good luck, I hope we gets a big one!
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Thanks I will update after the hunt.
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That is really neat. Good luck and God bless from WI!
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Hope he bags a big one cause you know his expression is gonna be "See ! I STILL got it !!". Good luck and god bless.

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I just want to say i think it's great what you are doing taking your dad out to hunt it shows he did a great job on raising his son.i hope he gets a deer .he'll remember that for the rest of his life not only because you took the time to take him out but because you both shared the hunt together.
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May the LORD so good and merciful prosper your hunt and bind your hearts together in the fellowship of hunting together. Honor your Father and your Mother looks just like what your doing when lived out. GOD bless and Good Hunting to your whole party.
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Sounds like your dad did a great job raising his children. Best of luck to ya'll hunting this year.
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Time for an update.

Well today was a wonderful day. No other way to start off the story. My brother, I, and another older hunting partner picked my dad up from his living facility around lunch and took the one hour drive to the hunting camp.

We got him in the box blind after some hard work on his part of being a trooper. As mentioned in the opening post he is limited to only movement in the right side of his body, his strong side, and obviously has great mobility limitations. We were able to drive the truck all the way to the box blind so he just had to take a few assisted steps to get him inside and on the old bus seat we have in there to sit on.

Well by this time it was about 230 and it was time to play the waiting game. I couldn't help but think as we sat there back to about 15-20 years ago when it was us 3 sitting in the stand, while he helped us learn to hunt as young boys. It strangely felt like old times again, and for one day again, he was one of the guys.

After about a 2 hr wait we had 3 does sneak out of the timber in front of us and mill down the hill to right in front of us. We propped his gun up on a sand bag for support and waited for them to come closer. After a couple of minutes they came in to 50 yds and I finally gave him the go ahead to shoot at the biggest doe once the others cleared. He shoots with an eye patch over his left eye due to the fact he can't close each individual eye now after the stroke.

Well he let the rifle ring out and the doe whirls around and runs back towards the timber into some high sage. We thought he hit it but weren't too sure. I got out to check for blood after a little while and found one speck on the edge of the woods, then tracked for 50 yds and there she was. Great double lung shot. Not bad for one good arm, one good leg, eye patch wearing hunter lol.

When I came out dragging the deer from the woods he had a smile that would have warmed the hearts of the coldest man in the world. He was on cloud 9 and I'm probably more proud of this hunt than any other deer I've ever killed. Funny how the important things in life come front and center when faced with adversity.

This is the first deer he has killed since the 2005 season when he suffered his stroke. For at least this one day I know he felt normal again, and it's something we will always remember and cherish. It was emotional as I drove back out of town after dropping him off again, but by this time the calls were rolling in. Evidently he had already been spreading the word lol

Below is the picture of us, my ugly mug on the left, Dad in the middle, and my younger brother on the right. And as you can tell he's a big ole miss rebels fan by the old sweatshirt he always wears under his camo.
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