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Would you hunt a stand again 7 days after shooting a deer from it?

Old 11-03-2010, 03:01 PM
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Last year, I ran a guy off our property who had set up in my brushpile blind, and then three kids came by who were exploring. All of us basically came in and out along a little logging road. An hour later, I shot a deer that was no more than twenty yards away from me. It ran by me within 10-15 feet and fell about twenty yards behind. I dragged it down a little slope to the edge of the logging road and dressed it. So basically, I dropped a deer in an area that had all sorts of scent down where people had walked and two places where I had lingered (the brushpile and where I dressed it.)

The next morning, I went back and there were deer tracks everywhere in the snow, even around the where the gutpile was--and it had been already consumed by varmints. I don;t think it fazed the deer much at all.
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Old 11-03-2010, 03:04 PM
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Ya you can. I shot a nubby once at 3:30, dragged it to the cabin, went back out and had a spike by 4:30.
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NO problem, I would go back after a couple of days.
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7 days is plenty to wait, i really don't think it bothers them much. 2 years ago i shot a buck and within 15 minutes there was another nice 8 pt that followed to where my buck had ran off, then followed his trail until i couldn't see him. just a guess but my buck was sprawled out a ways from his bed where i'm guessing he layed down, thinking the other guy came and sparred with him a little before and maybe even after he died.

especially when it's the rut, never know where they'll show up.
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This past Fri. eve I killed a large doe in my new stand I hung this year at 1710hrs and on Sat. morn. I killed another doe at 0830hrs on same stand. So I would have to say that, no I don't feel it would make a difference as long as you take precautions to keep your clothes clean. Both of these deer were taken with a bow, first one spined, second one lung shot.
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On more than 1 occasion I've killed a buck in the morning and a friend has killed 1 in the same day from the same stand so I'd have to say yes I would.
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Of course you should!

There have been many times my son or me have harvested a deer in the morning and the other go to the same stand and see deer and a few times we have taken deer on the same day from the same stand. We bowhunt on public ground so it isn't like we have them cornered and all to ourselves or anything.

It is just a great spot very good funnel area and I seem to be the only one that can see that! Which is GREAT!!!!
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Originally Posted by Stonewall308
Would you?

I shot the deer with my bow, so there was no loud noise, but I walked around in the area a good bit finding the deer and dragging it out, etc.
Heck yeah...we have taken as many as 3 deer from the same stand in the same day in northern Michigan.
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my uncle shot a buck while sitting on the ground next to a tree and that night i shot one sitting in the same spot. i rattled the other day with does feeding in a field 100 yards away and they took off into the woodlot across the field and 15 minutes later they came back feeding in same spot. deer hear all sorts of things and flee and come back like clock work. i kicked up a nice 10 point in an old pasture field walking the dog one day and came back to hunt it the next morning and he came back and thats an old wise buck so waiting a week is plenty of time
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Definately. I have killed a buck out of a stand in the morning and returned to the same stand that afternoon to hunt and seen many deer.
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