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Let em hang ?

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Default Old time methods

There were methods of taking care of a deer that were necessary for most hunters before World War II, a now ancient time.
I hunted decades ago, in cold weather,and would hang the deer for a day. Then take it to a butcher, who did it professionally for a supermarket. Old times had already passed.

Today, in warmer weather, I butcher a deer the same day. Then its into the freezer and some into the refrigerator. 1940 is over and a long time ago.

What's the difference. Refrigeration. Anyone old enough to remember - an ice box. Probably few who use an internet. There was a time, when the average home didn't have a refrigerator or freezer. People found ways of preserving meat without those present necessities.

An ice box was used in the home. Resembled a refrigerator but smaller. People would get a small block of ice, and put it into the "ice box" to keep the milk and meat cold. And when you ran out of ice, it was a trip to the commercial ice house, that had refrigeration, and sold ice to the general public and restaurants. Americans, not so long ago, didn't have freezers to make ice.

I remember ice box and the ice house and find no modern necessity to use the old ways.
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Great perspective Valentine, but even after WWII, we still called refrigerators- ice boxes, and the new "freezer" sections were small and try fitting a deer in them. A lot of deer meat was given to friends and family cause you just had no room. You might find someone you knew who had a separate freezer, storing enough steaks and chops to last him through any air raid that might come along. But during the late sixties, freezers were big but still had to be cleaned out every Thanksgiving to make way for deer that my father and I would bring home. And you had to use the meat pretty quickly cause of "freezer burn".
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I've always skinned mine and try to let it hang five days or so if the temps permit. I also always allow steaks and roasts to age in the refridgerator after I thaw them. I let them marinate typically for three or four days.

When you guys let them hang do you sking them right away?? I always did to help them cool off quicker, also the skin comes off easier when its fresh. But it kinda sounds like some leave the skin on.
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