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Easiest wasy to load a deer on a 4wheeler by yourself?

Old 11-02-2010, 11:09 AM
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Default Easiest wasy to load a deer on a 4wheeler by yourself?

What do ya'll think is the easiest way to load a deer onto the back of a 4wheeler by yourself?
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Back your truck up to an high point like a hill or ditch. Works great!!
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This http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZZTW...eature=related
Or This http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPDTkzISgEY
Just a couple of ideas!
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I usually just grab them and throw them on...

If it's a bigger buck, get 2 rachet pulleys (250 pound versions)...Just tie them to good limb, tie to the buck, pull up with the 4-wheeler and drive under and release the pulley stop...
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lol....I thought you were asking how to load a 4 wheeler on back of a truck. Oops my bad.
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bungee cord the head to the rack of the 4wheeler then pick up the back half and bungee cord the back legs to the rack it’s very easy to do
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lift weight before hunting season. strength will really make hunting much more of a pleasure in all seriousness and its something most hunters need to work on.
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I don't know about a four wheeler, but I loaded one in the back of my pickup Friday by myself. First I dragged him several hundred yards to my truck using my two hands to hold his antlers and using my legs to proppel myself in the direction of my truck. Then I field dressed him. Then I grabbed his antlers with two hands and lifted him off the ground, and used my legs to walk along the side of my truck while holding my hands over the truck bed. As such, the deer was placed in the truck bed. The one trick that makes it a lot easier is to open the tailgate of your truck; you don't have to, but I prefer not to make things harder on myself than they have to be.
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I don't...I used to, but now I just drag them behind and make sure to get the head up off the ground.

The inside of the deer stays clean. The worst thing that happens is a little "fur" loss, but I don't care. It beats putting them up on a rack and then having them fall off.
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Carry a small pulley system and hook it up to a tree, if no tree in the immediate area drag Deer with ATV to a tree, hoist deer up and back under, lower deer on rack and tie down.


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