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Is this a penned deer?

Old 11-02-2010, 09:40 AM
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Originally Posted by 7.62NATO
If he was pen raised, then his winter foraging and survival skills may be low. So what would be worse, to die of starvation or a gunshot to the heart?

I'm not saying he won't do just fine in the wild (assuming he was pen raised), but certainly the odds are against him when competing against the "more experienced" deer.
Nailed it. Couldn't have said it better, myself.
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I cant see anyone getting a saw that close to a deer without some sort of injury caged or not caged unless they put it to sleep.
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So are deer attracted to trail cameras? Then maybe I should get some..lol
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Originally Posted by deerhunt3r94
is it possible thats just how the antlers grew? the brow tines arent cut and it even looks like it has a drop tine that isnt cut

The brows and drop tine look cut to me?
I think they're all cut, to reduce puncture wounds.
Usually they will cut them off completely.
Maybe this guy does'nt cut them off to show the rack on the deer for sale purposes?
I really don't know, but they all look cut to me.
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i dont think so, the other tines are square while the brow and drop tines to me appear to be half way rounded
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it looks like something is distorting the pic, there just to flat and sharp to be cut, maybe the top of the tines where higher then the camera could take a pic of so the cam. cut them off in the pic? idk

EDIT:, after a closer look at the pic, it seems his main beams look cut also, the camera would go that low, so i have no idea. maybe track down the game farm that lost him and see if they cut the deers antlers like that

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imo deer moved his head up or down as the pic was taken i think the pic is just distorted a little
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I don't believe they cut headgear at pen raised locations...and if they did it would just above the head >>>>>>>>>>>>>> reason being is simple TWO CUTS VS 6 or 8 or 10 !!!
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Yeah I have read they will cut them off at the base so they wont kill each other but to cut them like that would make no sense because they still would puncture.
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I have a friend that raises deer. He's got some absolute whoppers. He normally cuts the racks completely off the bigger bucks that he does not intend to sell that year. This year he had a typical 10pt that scored 160". It was gored by a small 4pt a couple weeks ago and died.

That's abotu $3k down the crapper for him.

I asked him and he's never "trimmed" antlers before...just cuts them off. His deer are like dogs for 8 months out of the year. From the time the velvet comes off until they drop, they are as unpredictable as any wild animal.

On a side note...you'd be surprised if you heard some of the places that he's sold deer to. He said that it's not unusual for him to open a magazine and see someone holding a buck that they shot...and the buck was running around one of his pens just a few months before. Damn shame, but he makes a nice chunk of change at it.
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