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Anybody have to look away as their deer dies?

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Originally Posted by Maddog10
Funny you say that secondchance. I killed my first deer with my dad when I was about 9 or 10 as well, and while my excitement kept me from getting that upset, the fact that I took it's life did hit me pretty hard, and that deer seemed to die instantly with no suffering at all. What was bad was that this doe was with a group of four other does and a fawn. After I shot the doe, the others ran about 20 yards and stopped. Three of them then turned around and walked straight back to the doe I shot, and were just looking at it and nudging it with their noses. I know that's all part of hunting, but that's a tough pill to swallow when you're a 10 year old kid that is an animal lover. Even as my dad taught me to field dress it, the other does never left. They stood about 60 yards away and just kept watching us. It wasn't until we began loading the deer on the four-wheeler that they trotted back into the woods. I asked my dad why the other deer didn't run away when I shot and I remember his response just like it was yesterday, "Because those other deer were her friends son."... I think that might have even made kswild feel a touch of sadness. haha
btw iv never seen a group of does nudge a doe that was just shot.sounds like a disney movie.
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I cant believe it. Doug (kswid) wholeheartedly agree on something. Second shot here with no remorse. Isnt that why your out there.
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ok I think theres a difference that needs to be pointed out in this post. If I shoot a deer and it drops and kicks and flops around a little. Good shot good hunt, no remorse. I shoot and wound the animal have to track it for hrs, and its still alive I feel bad that I put that animal through that. Then I take my tail out to the range and practice some more. Respect your game!
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I nodded off one afternoon while sitting on a ridge. I was awakened by crunching noise. There was a doe munching acorns like 50 yards from me, and never saw me. I took my time and shot her, and she went down, but proceeded to blat like crazy for about 30 seconds. She was laying on her side and I did not have a clear second shot due to angle etc., I started freakin out because it sounded like a child bawling. It was disturbing to me but I dealt with it.

I did not enjoy it, but it sure does make you take a little more careful aim. Now I usually shoot at the shoulder, about 4" down from the back line, even with the front legs. They usually go down like someone reached up the arse and pulled every bone out of their body. I have yet to hear one make a peep either. There doesn't seem to be much meat in that area, and it breaks the shoulders, takes out the lungs and spine all at the same time.
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To waste meat to not you owe it to the animal to shoot until it's down. Break it down and then dispatch it quickly. I for one would want to be dispatched quickly as possible. If your worried about messing up your cape your not very ethical. Man up and put it down. No body wants to see a wounded animal get up and run away. Shoot again.
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I do not have to look away but if you do not feel anything you are caloused in my opinion. killing is what i am out there for. to bring meat home to my family so i am not ashamed nor do i feel remorse for my actions. Feelings are not bad in fact it is what makes us human the ability to weigh out our actions and emotions and make decisions based on what we will experience.

i have had to dispatch an animal that i spined and i have also had to dispatch an animal that someone else was not going to because he would not waste an arrow. it is part of the hunt and something that i know and accept.
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Originally Posted by skinnnner
im sorry but this sounds like a bit of peta dressed in sheeps clothing,if your so deeply sadend then dont hunt,if not then get over it.
Haha you apparently didn't read the whole thread. I'm a very far stretch from PETA to be truthful. I'm just a good ol' country boy that loves animals.... Believe me or don't about the doe nudging her. I don't care. I'm not saying it happens all the time, but I was with a friend of mine hunting and it happened to him too. The other does never actually "nudged" the body with him, but after the shot they returned and stood right next to the downed deer for a minute or so. If you can watch it's death with absolutely no feelings, then that's great. I wish I could I guess, but I can't. I feel a touch of sadness every time I kill an animal, but my excitement usually is enough to cover it up.
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I shot a deer at age 15 and I blew his back legs off at the knees so he was crawling away on his stumps. Dad came up and saw that I was in a daze so he put another slug in the deer. That has always bothered me so I was determined never to make a bad shot again but things happen out in the woods at first or last light.

If it doesn't bother you watching that animal die then something is wrong IMO. It always has and will most likely always bother me to an extent, it is what keeps me grounded in the respect for life, all life no matter what it is.

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I don't have to look away from any of it and I haven't hunted with anyone who does. I'm killing something, I want to do it, I have fun while I'm hunting. But here's a story... Worst deer kill I've seen was when I was hunting with another guy--he put 8 bullets in a deer with his 243. I walked up to it first and it was still alive but I had no gun as I had no tag. I did feel quite bad for this one as he lay riddled with bullets. So I got his rifle and finished it off. 2 hooves barely hanging on, a neck shot (plus my finishing shot), several other meat shots, but no real vital shots. He was dead within minutes of the first shot.
There are much uglier ways to go. I work in emergency response care and have seen it.
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Originally Posted by kswild
What salty old Kswild feel sad? Hey if you want truthful answers without sugar coating to the tough questions you can always count on Kswild to deliver. Because the truth and reality are always a little on the harsh side. It's called being a MAN. I can not tell you how many times I wish the grown ups I looked up to would have been straight and told me the plain hard truth of things instead of sugar coating things. Even if the truth hurts, the truth is always best. I don't get sad butchering a hog that I kill why would I a deer? They are food. Deer are beautiful animals in the wild and put on this earth for us to eat. If I had these guilty feelings for killing them I would not hunt. I will not apologize for being the predator that I am. Salt and all!
Live it up! Doug
Couldnt have out it better! The way i put it is, Make a good shot, and enjoy the meat! Lol, were predators its our duty to maintain the deer population.

But on another note, I dont think its wrong to have a sensitive spot when it comes to killing animals. I do to. But in the end, you gotta realize that its hunting!
Good and safe hunting to all!!
- Bayou
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