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atv and whitetails

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Default atv and whitetails

im looking for anyexpieriances using atvs to get to and from your deer stand , i know they can spook them but how about the odors it gives off while parked will spraying down w/ some kind of scent killer do the trick, it will be parked down wind of the stand and covered w/ a camo netting material , any thoughts ?
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I use mine to get in in the morning and it gets parked almost 100 yards away. I make sure it is maintained well so no leaking of fluids and others. If I decide to return to camp for lunch I always walk back and not ride. The atv gets left there until after dark or is needed to drag one out. I used to use a cover on it but now I just park it in a spot where brush is all around it to cover it from easy view. I know some guys who drive them right to the tree they hunt in and shoot deer evey year, granted they don't get the larger smarter of the bunch but they still bring home some meat. The less disruption the better in the woods where I hunt is better I always arrive about 45 min to an hour before shoot time to give things time to settle down. It is best to know what you are hunting for (trophy,meat) and tailor your actions accordinly.
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This has nothing to do with atvs but I have a spot I hunt that is 100 yards from a shooting range guns will be blasting and I see deer walking like nothing is even going on,in my opinion deer get use to this kind of thing,I have been in fields with a tractor and deer still come out and feed as long as you aren't trail riding in the woods I doubt it will bother the deer to much.
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I park my atv about 100 yards from my stand and just sit it there. They still come, even had two mature bucks walk up the trail i walk in and not be effected
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the scent of the atv has nothing to do with it IMO, it's the noise, and smell of exhaust, which there is no solution for...less maybe you had a bio diesel running atv...?

I'd get one of those atv silencers at least to help quiet it down.

I think a car/truck is quieter than an atv, you could maybe get one of those camo tarps made for an atv and throw it over it when you park, that may help the exhaust smell?

good luck
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I park mine about a half mile from where I hunt.
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I am an avid atv rider in the off season and i can tell youdeer dont care about atvs. If its a noise they have heard often enough. Now if your hunting in a place where there has never been an atv ridden may be another story. I even have a muzzy pro exhaust which is uber loud and have stopped on a trail and had deer 50 yards away stand ther and just look at me.
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We used to ride Dirt Bikes and the noise would attract Deer more than spook them..must be the two stroke sound of a chain saw means downed food.. I use a side by side for hunting and don't see a problem with spooking game either..
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As long as its not leaking gas, oil, or ???
Ive driven right up within 20 yards from dear in the woods with my new Polaris XP 550 .
I have a couple very wet , and muddy sections where I need to drive thru . In the morning I,m parkes 250 yards or so from my stand. Most evening the same unless its raining them I park a little closer , abought 125 yards and see just as many deer iether way .
I no deer are more apt to stay put or not trot off to far when they here an atv or tractor , If your walking in and thet see or smell you there gone period.
So make sure if you want to use an ATV for hunting its not a smoker ( 2 stroke ) gas and oil because you will smell like a chain saw in the woods also make sure it dosent leak gas and or oil..
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This should start a war >>>
really how far are you going "in" that you need to take a ATV?
For those that travel lots of miles and those that are handicapped I can understand..otherwise why not still hunt to your stand and back?
One section I hunt I still hunt a long way in before I get to my destination and have seen plenty of deer coming & going
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