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deer urine

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In short, yes. But, it’s not as cut and dry and “only in the 24 hours of estrous”. There are secretions before that, and a buck can detect when a doe is ready to breed, or not quite ready. That’s why they (and other ruminants) scent check females and that’s the purpose of the Flehman response. If you were to take urine from a hot doe straight from the bladder, you would get the same response as urine from June.
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I can't say wether or not the urine contains anything as I am not a scientist. I do know that I can pour it on the ground in front of a trail cam and get pics of deer checking it out. I think it is a curiosity thing for them and they wonder who's it is. Kind of like when I take my dogs for a walk, they smell another dog's urine, they go check it out.
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Originally Posted by 7.62NATO
So doe pee from a non-estrous doe is useless? They are only in estrous for about 24 hours, so are you saying that bucks don't pick up on doe urine before then?
Agree. It's my understanding that doe and buck urine is not only used for the breeding process, it's also used as a means of communication throughout the year.

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