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Saw my buck!

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Default Saw my buck!

So i went out to the property iv been hunting for the past 3 weeks. Its some old property that my uncle hunted years ago and no one hunts it because all it is, is 2 Big fields in the shape of an "L" but nothing grows in the but really tall brushes. Theres only 1 patch of really small woods to put a treestand at. On one side of the property tho is some really huge woods but 1 person own is it and dosnt let anyone hunt it.... At all. (really sucks) theres a huge pond there and on the other side if a huge field of pine tree(more like x-Mas trees) that the deer love to bed in. So anyway Wen i scouted out the woods 3 weeks ago, I found a rub line of 10 rubs in that really small set of woods, 1 went 7ft up a side of a large tree, and another you see where bothe sides of his antlesrs rubed it (It was huge!!!). But i wasnt even sure them woods were even part of the property cuz the property lines are so weird back there. But theres a path that runs from where i park on the edge the field and runs in the middle of the field all the way to the other side witch is like 800 yards, its wide enough to ger 3 large trucks side by side on. So i have been sitting on the edge of the path in a blind in the middle of the field where the most activity is. All i have saw the past 3 weeks is small bucks and alot of does, Never anything big enough to make tehm crazy rubs. So Tonite my uncle say with me because he has a team that does alot of DVDs. So he was videoing me and happened to look straight across and saw a huge set of super white antlers about 90yards out by the pines, all we could see was his head, we believe he looked big enough to be a B&C, hes at least a 16 point, possible even bigger, couldnt really tell with all the brush and branches of the pine tree he was under. He would put his down and then back up and smelling the air. We had tried calling him a few times but he wanted nothing to do with us. So we believe he was on a trail of a hot doe. Really sucked. But at least i know hes back there. But kinda sucks that now someone knows about my secret spot. But Oh well, but be awsome if i get him on Video.
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Thats awesome that he showed himself! Good luck hope you get him!
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