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Decent Buck....Bout time.

Old 10-20-2010, 07:31 PM
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Default Decent Buck....Bout time.

I got lucky and killed this deer Monday evening at dusk. I am fortunate to have a large amount of deer in my area and enough space to hunt at the back of my yard which borders about 50-60 acres of woodland. There are some farms not too far away (across a large creek), and several hundred acres of woods that are sitting undeveloped since the downturn in the housing market.

Over the years I have taken a few small/medium doe from these woods but I've only seen bucks on rare occasions, and had only really seen 3 nice sized bucks in the 8 years I have lived here. This year on my game cam, I had seen more than a dozen doe and their varied fawns but only 3 small bucks. Until about 2 weeks ago. I saw this buck walking thru following a doe, I saw a very impressive 9 pointer following a doe, and a magnificent 13 pointer eating a pear. I also went out early one morning a week ago and got totally busted by a large buck who was stomping his feet and snorting at me for a solid minute before he trotted off, snorting the whole time.I sat in the tree watching him for a minute or so waiting for him to present a decent shot. He walked in facing me in a quartering forward position...then turned to face directly toward me. He was skittish. Eventually he started to turn/wheel around to his right to leave. He wasn't running just moving with a purpose. I put my sight right on the back of his rib cage and squeezed. I saw the hit a little far back from where I would have liked. I waited a fair amount of time before I got down and checked the area of the hit. There was blood but not a ton. I didn't see the arrow. I went back to my house and waited another hour before grabbing my flashlight and heading out.I tracked him in a semi-circle that went about 80 yards with the blood trail increasing . It would be drops here and there but large amounts of blood every 8-10 yds. until he had to jump a set of llogs and tumbled up.....there was blood all over. I was looking around shining the light ti one direction that he had traveled but saw no blood at all. It occurred to me that he might have gotten up and moved in a different direction so I started looking around that there, not 6 feet from me was the deer. Laying against the base of a tree. I gave him the nudge test but he was definately dead and gone, so I dragged him back to the yard and dressed him. The shot had entered back on the left side but exited thru the ribs on the right shot. Took out a lung and must have opened the stomach because he had some acorns in the abdominal cavity. Definately not the same stomach contents of does I killed in the past. I was very pleased with him. 7 pointer that was an 8 but it looks like somebody kicked his ass over a woman. I put him on ice (stuffed 2 backs in his belly and layerred him in an additional 14 bags, wrapped him in plastic on the back of my truck, and the next day I took to be processed. This is the first time I have had soemone else do the butchering for me. I am hoping it turns out well.
Muzzy 100 gr 3 blade. Has worked very well for me over the years.Decent Buck....Bout time.-7pointsmall2.jpg
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Well I am very pleased to be the first on saying "Congrats" on a great buck and tracking skills!!!! More importantly, you took the time to let the broadhead do its job and not pushing the deer to who knows where. Again, CONGRATS and keep up the great work!!!
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Hey! You're the dude that was shooting at Amelia the other week...on Friday I think it was...sighting in your friend's gun for him. Crazy small world!

Congrats on the buck. Great job!
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Better than decent.
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Yes, Small world indeed. As for leaving the deer to die, yes I wait a long time usually. total waiting time on this was almost 2 hours from the shot before I started.
About 7 years ago I shot a doe in Pocahantas State Park around 8 am. She had jumped the string and turned and I ended up hitting her in the back leg. Literally sliced thru the bone. Only thing left holding the leg on was skin and a small bit of muscle. I didn't know what kind of hit it was and started tracking after 30 minutes. On hands and knees I found her just after 1 pm. I had pushed her. Kept finding big spots of blood where she would lay down but I guess I would get close and she would go again. I have tried not to repeat that.
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Thumbs up

Great Job,Great Deer,Congrates to you!
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