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Stupid huge urban buck

Old 08-28-2010, 09:22 AM
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He got that size for a reason. he is safe there and doesn't travel far. i'd investigate the possiblity of taking him with a bow some where that would be legal. maybe in a creek that puts you far enough from houses. I sometimes target animals like that that are in peoples back yards. as long as you can get far enough from the nieghbors house or get thier permisssion
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I know in KC there is a city ordinance where you can legally hunt within the city limits as long as you have 5 connecting acres and a permission slip signed by land owners. That deer is a city deer but make no mistake, he knows a predator as well as ANY other buck! I would say deer in areas where they seldom, if ever encounter humans are at more of a disadvantage than him because he knows what is "normal" for human behavior and what is threatening to him.
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Originally Posted by Gladius87
Rory, I am a super senior right now. What are you planning on majoring in?

Shooting bows is not allowed within city limits of Cape Girardeau, so I am out of luck on that one. He is definitely very smart. That patch of woods is bordered by apartments on one side and houses around the rest of it. It's right across the street from campus.
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Default That must be one stupid old deer

Who spent all that time getting that big rack.

He probably gets an advanced report from a local football field, with the kickoff whistle, and disappears until football season is long over.

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what a buck!
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Nice looking buck. I live near Sioux Falls, SD and a couple years ago there was video of a 26 point buck inside city limits. It is a ways away from houses but still in city limits and there is no hunting allowed. It was a monster.

Actually, this year they are allowing certain people to go in that area and hunt does because of the amount of deer there. No bucks though. I wouldn't want to hunt the area for a doe because I know I would see that buck and get sick.
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I had the same thing happen the other day right outside the city limits. Spotted a MONSTER 10 point about the size of yours right by a large local mall and a high school. It was standing 10 feet off the busiest road on the north side of Chicago.

This probably differs from city to city, but a few years ago I did some investigating and realized that are some small patches of unicorporated land spread out in what you think would be all non huntable land. With a few hours of time I found out that I have some family friends that have there house on an acre of land that borders a forest preserve. Did some research with the local and county police as well as the forest preserve police and DNR and found out that this spot was completely legal to hunt. Hunted it for the first time last year and got a decent 10 point and had 3 bigger bucks on my trail cam. Do some research and you never know, I never thought this spot would have been legal but did some research and now have a urban spot to bow hunt 5 minutes from my parents house. I also know that no one else is hunting (Legally) within 5 miles. The only thing I have to worry about killing these deer is cars!
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Makes me want to go back to school...just so I could hunt that Buck! LOL

Like Gladious87 mentioned,that Buck is right in the center of town,older houses a Park and subdivision are scattered all around that area so that Buck grew up in a heavily populated area...simply amazing that he's made it that long without a lot of attention drawn towards him.Maybe I could get hired on as a Grounds Keeper at the College...I heard ground keepers are allowed to carry compound bows for protection from all those College Girls!
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Originally Posted by Down&OutHunting
Where at in So. IL are you from?
I am from Evansville. It is in Randolph County. I hunt the New Palestine/ Ellis Grove area. It's thick with deer.
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