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Is it always your spot?

Old 08-09-2010, 06:21 PM
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Default Is it always your spot?

I read a topic on another site about a guy who took someone rabbit hunting. The next thing he new, this guy got permission from the land owner and was in there pounding rabbits behind his buddies back.

Now, I have a spot 1.5 hrs away and about 12 years ago I invited a friend along. Is he still a guest? I am the one with permission but I listed him as my buddy. We kind of had it out last year because, well lets just say I felt I had to put him back in his place.

So, whats everyones opinions on this. Should I consider this still my spot? One thing you should know is I walk in my buddies house and every deer he has ever shot, I can pin point it to my land, my stand, my hunting spot. And I am a little jealous because he has invested nothing into our hunting. We are good friends but I feel I should stand my ground.

So, back to the question. Does your spot ever really become his spot or vise versa? I am sure some of you have similar stories.
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Old 08-09-2010, 11:25 PM
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I can pin point it to my land, my stand, my hunting spot. And I am a little jealous because he has invested nothing into our hunting. We are good friends but I feel I should stand my ground.

Do you own the land? That's all that matters.

If the owner decides he likes your friend and not you, well too bad. It may suck, but owners have been making those decisions for decades. If it's public land, feel possessive, but you made the mistake of sharing it. You can't lock it down because it's public. You have to talk to everyone else who wanders into that spot.

In this case, it seems like telling the land owner that your "friend" is no longer your guest should do it. Tell your friend, tell the land owner, and it's done. If the guy is skating by on your previous approval you have to actually do something to let the landowner know he is no longer welcome.

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Old 08-10-2010, 12:48 AM
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Yeah that the chance you go to take with inviting people in.Fact is the smart ones lie as to where the shot their animals and never hunt with anybody or if they do they will take some guy up to No Deer Mountain.I hunt with a select group that help contribute to new areas and we all respect our invitational hunting grounds.We also have our own areas I'm sure we don't share.But hey don't be jelous of his mounts, all my mounts could have been anyone of my hunting buddies. I just happened to pull the trigger, and the same goes for me on some of the ones they got.My Mounts are memeries of who I shared the time with. If I was to be rotting in the ground tomorrow, just about everyone of those mounts would be at a partners house,whom I shared that time killing and gutting and roasting the animal.Not with my wife or even my kids, for that matter. Most were shot before I got married or were shot before my kids were even born.The ones I got on my own, or with my familly, I will pass on to my wife and kids.My point being is appreciate the fact he mounted them.You helped him out, you know without your help he would be empty handed. Be proud of that your apart of the kill. It's too bad things fell apart with you and your friend hopefully it works out for
the two of you but it is ultimately up to the owner as to who he let's in on private land reguardless of who let who be a guest.Maybe the owner my take him off maybe he won't.Your just gonna have to suck it up for now what's done is done.
Good Luck

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Yea I see what you are saying. But here is the short version. My brother came into town to hunt and I was on the fence about taking him. The land owner has always been good to me but very strict on his "permission practices". My buddy kinda talked me out of asking for permission. A month later he actually had the balls and asked me to get permission for his father in law to go there. That was when we kinda had it out.

We are good friends, and will stay that way. I was just wondering if anyone else had a situation like this and how they handled it.
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My hunting buddies don't take the chance. Every hunting spot is top secret. When I'm lucky enough to go out to their spot I enjoy my hunt and that's it. Its like a hunters code. I'd never go to their spot without thier invitation.
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Old 08-10-2010, 04:14 AM
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It should be and for the most part is an unspoken hunters code. But there are always those few that take advandage of the situation in anything, the users. I have always been protective of my honey holes. Granted I have places, as do my buddies, that I take them, but monster buck ground is for my stand only.
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I am fortunate that I have multiple areas, a lot of land, to hunt, some of it private via permission. I learned the hard way a few years ago, don't carry anybody else to your honey holes. I had a relatives property that was loaded with deer, you could kill a buck almost every time you went there. I invited a friend that I had known all his life to hunt there with the strict understanding that it was only us that would hunt there. I caught him carrying another guy in there, thought I had corrected the situation, only to catch him carrying several people out there a year later. It ended a friendship I had had with his father and him of over 30 years.
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I am also lucky enough to have permission to hunt some private land. I have a firm rule with myself to not bring a friend out with me, it may be great to spend the day hunting with a buddy but with the time and effort to get permission for one day is not worth it for me. I can only be responsible for myself and my kids.

I do not want to be responsible for a friends action.
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If the guy is skating by on your previous approval you have to actually do something to let the landowner know he is no longer welcome.
That would make it uncomfortable for the landowner. If you brought the guy in and the landowner gave him permission, you can't ask the landowner to confront the guy and tell him he's no longer welcome. I think you'd have to be the one who does it. I might not even tell the landowner. He might get irritated at the whole situation and kick you both out and not permit anyone anymore.
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Old 08-10-2010, 08:49 AM
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ive had that kind of problem with one of my best friends..i located a very nice buck on a pc of land and put out my camera,,got picks and everything.. i told my friend i call dad,,opening morning i go there and he has 5 guys going in to the woods...after that if he asks if i know of any deer i just say no a few small does...and i point out the fact that he may invite the whole town to go,,i cant prove it of corse but hes done this to me a couple times ,,,so no more,,,motto of the story ;;;keep your friends close,your family closer...lol
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