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We've all had it happen...

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Typical Buck
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Originally Posted by Todd1700
Hey I went on Line and pulled up the scheduled speakers at Gunplumbers gun club. And I have to admit there are a few interesting ones coming up. Next month it's.....

"Ooops, That's not a Deer."
"When Bush Shots Go Bad" by Dr Tad Triggerhappy.

Followed up a month later by

"Accident my @$$"
"How to Tell a Honest Mistake from an Intentional Fragging"
By Mrs. Doretta Freeburger

You's guy's done yet!!!!!!
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I thought this thread was about hunting mistakes / acts of god.

Once when I was shooting open sights at about 17 years old, I missed a deer shooting over his head just before dark thirty. (this is an act of god, its the only one I ever missed)

Once after neck shooting the first deer, I took a shoulder shot on the second deer and slightly underestimated the angle she was at (I didn't have alot of time to think about it) and the bullet hit the stomach on its way through. Deer still dropped in her tracks, was just a fun experience to clean her.

Now, to all this head shot, no head shot crap. I personally prefer the neck shot. Never had one take another step. I've seen head shots taken by my father, usually when that was the only visible part of the deer. They all tasted good. I will never take a shot that I am not sure will kill the deer on the spot. Anyone who has lost a deer because of poor shot placement or poor decision making should learn from the experience. Anyone who regularly loses deer (or if rifle hunting has to track them at all) should either learn where to shoot the animal to kill it or should hang up the rifle and leave more deer for me.

I have never lost a deer I shot, and I say with confidence, will never lose one. Because if the shot isn't there, I won't take it. I don't want to weigh in on the OP situation, because I wasn't there and don't know what he saw. I'm amazed that the bulled ricocheted into the other animal. That yearling would have never made it with luck like that anyway.

Oh, and if that deer head poking through the brush is really a person, then they should have gotten the hell off my land anyway. (I can tell the difference through my scope ya know)

(Thats right my first post since 04)
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I did not know shooting a deer in the head was an option. I might try it this fall!
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