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Can I hunt on this land???

Old 04-16-2010, 06:21 PM
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Don't go on it if you don't have permission from the owner and you know that it is not state/national land. Even if it is unposted it's still technically trespassing, am i right?
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Originally Posted by Jimmy S
I am glad I don't live in PA!
In NH we have the right to hunt unposted land. It is never considered tresspassing. Any land owner certainly has the right to post their land. All hunters with any sense of decency, including myself and my family and friends, respect that right. It is simply a long time tradition that most/all New England states share.

NH also has severe criminal trespassing laws during hunting season. The NH Fish and Game will always be involved if you violate any landowner that posts his or her land during hunting season. We understand what it means when hunting peoperty is unposted and we also understand the respect that should be give to posted land as well as the consequences if you violate landowners rights.
Jimmy what you have to understand is that not to many years ago PA. had over 1.8 million hunters (we still have about 1 million) which is far more than every state in New England combined. Over the years I have spent many days hunting the White Mountain National Forest and never ran into another hunter, if that public land was located in PA. it would be hard to find a place to park. The problem I see with the law in NH. is that trespassers for some reason love to tear down posted signs, In PA. it wouldnt make a difference, but in NH. a land owner wouldnt be able to prosecute them.
And you have plenty of hunters willing to trespass in NH., I know that for a fact. Pike

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Pike - I am not comparing PA vs NH and the right to hunt unposted land, I was simply explaining how the law works up here. It is different in PA and most other states and each state has that right to regulate accordingly.
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Originally Posted by Jimmy S
In NH like Maine, if property is not posted you can legally hunt it.
It has nothing to do with trespassing, which is a crime.
I agree bad choice of wording on my part since "trespass" involves an element of unlawfulness. Should have simply said "enter/cross over private land."

My bad.
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is there a law about accidentally killing the land owner of un-posted property....what if some clown shot at a deer, but misses and the bullet goes through some foliage and into somebody's livin room and kills the 5 month old...is there an "ooooppps...my bad" and its all gravy? slap on the hand.

Originally Posted by GED
I second the "GIS maps" advice. If availible, it can provide a lot of valuable information.

In MA, the game belongs to the "people", not the landowner. This allows hunters/trappers to enter private land that isn't posted with owners name to hunt, if set back regulations are followed.

If a landowner doesn't wish to allow public hunting on their land, the need to post it with sign including their name.

There is verbage that protects landowners from hunters/trappers that become injured or killed.

Some cities and town have by-laws that require landowner permission.

I have woild have no problem with someone hunting within the rules, even on the land of another.
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