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Studying back yard buck

Old 02-12-2010, 09:40 PM
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Saw him in stand this evening just after the snow came through. It was the first time in 16 years it snowed and accumilated I guess disturbed him a little bit and he started movin around, Couldn't get a good shot because I was bowhunting this afternoon, If I would have had my rifle he would be done right now but maybe thats a good thing because rut is in full swing here right about now. I found a lot of super fresh rubs on some pines last week with the sap not even coming out yet so, GOOD sign from him, Hes been there rubbing away very recently.
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Old 02-13-2010, 07:07 PM
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I would also go with the mineral block, even if it doesn't help this deer it will be beneficial to others, go to a farm supply store and get a good one, forget about the junk they sell at sporting good stores. That deer has potential Doc
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Old 08-30-2010, 10:44 AM
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There is many different producuts out u can feed during the summer months while antler growth is in prossess that will add a big part in his growth. but knowing the age of the deer also plays a big role in the harvest, like u say he is with ur guess a 2-2 1/2 yr old deer he may have genetic to where he will not get any wide only time will tell, my suggestion is to feed a high protein supplement during the summer mthsfor the next 2 yrs he just being a 2 -2 1/2 yr old still has 3 possibly 4 yrs to his peak and that the only honest way to know his full potential.
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Old 08-31-2010, 01:53 AM
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The older and larger he gets, he just may move out of your area. In the past this has happenned to me. Thought I would wait on a buck that I had been watching for a couple of years. Never saw him in the third year (he was a couple of years old when i first saw him). I checked with others that had been watching the same deer over that couple of years and none of them had harvested him or saw him in the third year. I can only guess he moved onto another area. At his rate of growth, I'm sure someone somewhere harvested a nice buck. If he looks good this year, I might take him for he may not see him again.
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