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I think it is a great topic to write about. There is obviously a reason hunting is legal and supported by the government. Most people just don't know the ramifications of a world where hunting was banned.
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I was on the pro-hunting side of this debate a couple years ago in college. If I remember right there was an experiment done out west where an area was closed off completely to hunting and within a few years the mule deer population exploded and then dropped due to starvation and lack of essential habitat. I'm not sure where it was exactly, but a little googling might turn up the answer. Good luck!
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I did a quick search and this is what came up, http://www.windstar.org/knowledge_ce...?articleID=517 not exactly as I had remembered it but it might still serve your purpose.
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Hunters, ironically, are one of the biggest financial supporters of animal welfare. Their fees they pay for hunting licenses go a long ways to preserving habitat, studies, density studies, disease control, supplemental feed programs and more.

Many bunny-hugger groups don't come near that kind of support for the animals they claim they are protecting. If we had it their way, animals would die a terrible death due to disease and starvation... because if we "saved" the animals like they want us to, we would have to let the ecology be totally natural, which often means animals over-populate to the point where there's not enough food to support the numbers. Then any disease would spread easier when the numbers are high.

Under these circumstances, a bullet would be merciful over disease and starvation any day.

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Originally Posted by LKNCHOPPERS
Seriously, If you want a good grade don't do your paper on hunting. Most Colleges and Universities are full of liberals and antis. You are there to learn and make the best grades you can, so I wouldn't put all that work into something that will be down graded just because of your view point.
I agree with you on this one. Personally, I think this topic is better left alone if its being doing in a higher education setting. I did one in undergrad freshman year and after looking back it probably wasn't a wise choice. No need to add gas on a fire with all the antis that teach or are in class with you. I wouldn't be happy with someone doing a speech on why hunting is cruel. You aren't going to change any antis mind so its a topic better left alone in higher education.

In grade school and middle school I'd say give it all you got! If you are in middle school and write the way you do, I have to give you a thumbs up! Good to see a well educated youngster on the board!!
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Stand up and be counted !
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