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Default RE: Shedding in Va

Oh Lord..... well I will throw my 2 cents worth in here. First I have seen a coyote in Herndon, called animalt control and they said they are getting a lot of reliable sighting in Fairfax, second I spent close to 300 hours in the woods in Culpepper and Spotsylvania and never saw one. Okay that being said I will tell you that there are coyote in probably every county in Va. We all know there are possum here, yet I never saw one this year and only saw one racoon and no skunks. Oh and there are confirmed black bear where I hunt yet I have seen no sign nor bear.

The Tazman
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Default RE: Shedding in Va

Even though I don't live in the area I can tell you for sure that there are without a doubt coyote in those areas. How in the #$#* can you say for sure that there are none. Your lack of seeing them is most likely your lack of understanding them. I would be willing to bet many coyotes in your woods have seen and smelled you so far in advance that its no wonder you think they are absent. I used to think the same thing in my area until I put my camtrakker on a gut pile and found out my hunting area had at least 10 diff coyotes using the land. Basicly if you have deer on your land, you have coyote they just don't move like deer. They put mature bucks to shame when it comes to being sneaky because deer just have to worry about escaping/ coyote have to worry about getting close enough to kill on the ground, and they practice it every day.
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Default RE: Shedding in Va

Hey Shed..I told you not to take it personally and I never said that there were none in the state "for sure". They are rare and like Taz said, he saw one, I may have seen one, you saw several, G2's photo show some , so they are around.
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Default RE: Shedding in Va

this is to inform anyone that remotly thinks that are not any coyotes in n. va. area. I spend alot of time on the roads & in the woods & i live in manassas. I have seen 1 coyote hit at the intersection of rt.234 & godwin dr. (didnt pick it up cause i thought i was goin nuts until friend called me to tell me what he picked up along the road that day) & i saw a beautiful 40lbr. at the intersection of balls ford rd & wellington rd 1 mornin on the way to work (did'nt mistake it fer a dog either) & while huntin in Front Royal this yr i saw three different piles of coyote crap (had hair in it which tells me it was a yote) They are here & i plan to give em a phone call with the 223 this spring
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Default RE: Shedding in Va

Help me out with shed hunting tips. I look around a lot, but have not found but one, and it was lying alone in the middle of a field.

Are they on the ground, up in pine trees, etc? Do they just fall off, or would they be scraped off on something? I have some time to get out and look, but I want to maximize my luck.

Chubber in Falls Church, VA
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Default RE: Shedding in Va

I haven't found any sheds yet, but my daughter almost hit a big deer with the car Friday morning that was still wearing his.
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Default RE: Shedding in Va

I was shed hunting this past weekend with no luck. I couldn't find many folks who had seen deer to tell me whether they had shed yet or not. I've only found one 5x in eight years on this place, but I'm not dedicated enough to get in the nasty thickets to look for discards.
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