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Need your help!

Old 01-24-2010, 07:04 AM
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Default Need your help!

I have spent over $1000 the past year or so trying to get deer to come into my yard! I have a tripod slinging corn twice a day, lure hangers, I have tracked the woods and found trails, scrapes, etc. and applied peanut butter on almost every tree leading back to my feeder, I planted a food plot towards the end of summer (which is full and thick), I have peanut butter jars taped upside down to trees, salt blocks, mineral blocks, and applied C'Mere Dear over the ground below the feeder. This has been going on for over a year. I've seen coons, squirrels, crows, doves, foxes, you name it. But, I have yet to see 1 FREAKING DEER!! The only thing I can think of, is I have a great dane and a boxer in a 50'x50' fenced lot at the back of my property. Everyone tells me this could be why they won't come into my yard. I've also heard that once the deer realize the dogs are fenced in, they would come on into the food plot. I haven't seen them yet. No tracks or anything! I've also used doe urine. What is going on? Can any of you guys help me out?
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Well the dogs definitely don't help you out. Feeders work real good but they have to be convenient for the deer to get to. I don't believe the deer are going to go out of their and come into a backyard that has dogs in it by your house to eat some free and easy food, especially if it is an area where the deer are hunted regularly. I don't have any tips for you since I can't see your exact location and surrounding areas, but I would suggest moving it as far from the your house and dogs as possible, which is hopefully closer to the woods where the deer roam. I would skip all the deer attractants trying to get them to the feeder, they will find it and come to it when they want to. That should save some time and money on your part. I would skip all the special deer stuff too until you actually get deer there. Just keep putting corn in it or whatever is in it.

Attracting deer depends so much on everything surrounding your area, this makes it really hard to help you on a forum, sorry.
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I actually have it at the edge of the woods. The active trails are only about 30-50 yards from the plot. However, the dog lot is only about 25 yards from the plot. I don't hunt these deer though. I just want to take pictures of them.
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are the dogs in a chain link fence? if so the deer are not seein that as a barrier between them and the dogs.jmo
i know deer meat is $1000 a lb or so...deer pics just cost more lol
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the dogs only 25 yards from your plot is your problem....if u can move them where they cant be seen from the plot, OR MAYBE if you put up a wood fance around the dog fence so that the deer can see in and dogs cant see out.
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I know some that have those underground dog fences and the deer even know where the boundary is, ha ha.

yeah, just give it some time, I'm sure they will come around.
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That's what everybody is telling me. What I don't get though is that there are active trails being used in the woods as close to the dog lot as the plot is. I just got a new trail camera. I need to get it set up and maybe I'll have one or two coming at night time that I just don't see. I wouldn't count on it though.
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Maybe if you weren't in there every 5 minutes spreading peanut butter and whatever other magical concoction, you might have some luck.

I would say the dog should give you a little bit of a clue.
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first the peanut butter draws rodents
chipmunks, squirrels,rats, and mice will
eat that butter faster than a bear
then come the yotes, foxes, and bobcats that cant resist
a peanut flavored rodent.
which ultimately run the deer out
second take the FAKE urine and overpriced trace mineral(cmerdeer)
mix them in a barrel with gas and burn them
go to the feed store and buy trace mineral $5 for 50lbs bury in dirt
third it sounds like your down there to much only go there at night
and finally the dogs should be fine keep em put up.
I am only here to help try it i promise you will have deer
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Just how big an area are you trying to get deer on . To small and they wont use it very much if at all .

As for the dogs If they go ballistic when the deer come around then they might keep them out but not if all they do is bark . As long as the dogs don't chase the deer they wont pay any attention to them .
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