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Things that occur to you in a tree stand

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Things that occur to you in a tree stand

Old 12-23-2009, 06:48 AM
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Default Things that occur to you in a tree stand

Funny what runs through your head when you are in a tree stand waiting for a deer to come along. Below is a link to a story I posted on www.wildramblings.com a while back.

I am always interested in feedback. Here is the link:


Thanks and good hunting to you all.

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Old 12-23-2009, 06:59 AM
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"Man, I shouldn't have eaten chili for supper last night...."
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"Aaron Rodgers really is that good"

That runs through my head alot
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"I shoulda just slept in this morning!"...That happens alot to me haha.

"Wonder what would be left if I shot that squirrel with my 45.70?"

This happend this year..." Shoot I left my wallet at the house!"
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Old 12-23-2009, 07:31 AM
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Being 18-20 feet in a treestand during deer season is my favorite place to be. While waiting for the opportunity to see a deer, I always appreciate what goes on around me. I see so many things that non-hunters will probably never experience. I have seen and sometimes experienced up close and personal meetings with most/all the animals in my woods. Everything from a small field mouse to a majestic bull moose.

I also play over in my mind what I will do if a deer suddenly appears in a place I don't expect. I tell myself if the deer comes in from behind me, I will do this. If he appears over my left/right shoulder, I will do that. I constantly have a game plan so I'm not caught off guard. It does not always work but at least taking the time to play the situation over and over in my head gives me more confidence.

I always anticipate a shot being fired by one of my buddys. We are all aware where everyone is setup and usually know instantly who fired that shot. Waiting to hear the dead silence of the woods suddenly interrupted by the crack of a 30-06 always brings a smile to my face.

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"I forgot the toilet paper...where are some leaves"

happens every friggen time lol
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"why am i in this tree..its 19 degree's outside!!!i could be in bed stayin warm with that chick from the bar!!!!"

"i think i spent over 2k this year on deer hunting, that sure woulda made for a nice vacation to hawaii!!"

"man that waitress was hot last nite!!!"(schwing)
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I'd like to read it, post it here!

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"Wait a minute.....Yep....the wind is changing."

"I wonder if the deer will hear me if I move my stand higher?"

"Do acorns really taste that good?"

"I wish I had Thermal heat sensing scope."

"crunch.....crunch....crunch....Deer?...ahhh...jus t a squirrel"

"Do the animals talk to each other?"
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"Figures I just got set up and now I have to ****. Should I go ahead and **** out of my stand??? nope it can wait....dang I gotta go... nope I should wait... yea waiting would be best.... man it's starting to hurt.... they wont know it's human ****.... ahhhahaha that feels sooo much better!!!..............I wish I had waited."
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