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WI hunter's.......really

Old 12-17-2009, 07:14 PM
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Originally Posted by stabnslab_WI View Post
Why is everyone blamming the DNR for the deer herd in WI. I blame trigger happy hunters that shoot anything because they don't think they are going to see a deer.
The WDNR is FORCING people to shoot does in EAB areas. The WDNR is WARNING people that their hunting area could become EAB if they don't shoot does (have you seen the map that the WDNR put out showing all the areas that are on the verge of becoming EAB) The WDNR is overestimating the herd size falsely reasurring the hunters that killing the deer will not have an adverse affect on the herd. Then there is the human factor where hunters DO want to shoot deer and if you give them a tag they will likely use it if given an oppertunity (afterall it's justifiable because the WDNR says our herd is still over goal). Then there's the usuall excuses used every year why the kill was down and the deer are really there. Ex.: Too foggy, too wet, too warm, crops still standing. These type of excuses have been used to justify their herd estimates for many years. AKA covering their behinds.

Originally Posted by stabnslab_WI View Post
Hey here is some advise. Instead of coming up a week before deer season to ride your 4 wheeler in the woods, chase everything out, build a cabin for a stand. Try building a stand in the spring time, leave the 4 wheeler with your truck and don't stay in the bars for ten hours. You have to give a little to gain a lot.
I've though of a lot of ways to address these statements and have decided to simply say I hope you don't think that all the other hunters are a bunch of drunken slob hunters.

Originally Posted by stabnslab_WI View Post
I think the Herd is good. I seen as many deer this year as I did five years ago. I was seeing groups of 15 come into the fields at a time. For us its almost time to start shooting does to get the ratio back to normal but we know our winters will take care of that.
I'm wondering what your knowledge of the herd is in any other place in the state besides your private piece. Are you saying that you think things are great everywhere or on your private piece? I believe your views are based on deer sitings on a small managed piece of private property. I believe the rest of your claims are based on little more then speculation.

Originally Posted by stabnslab_WI View Post
Here is some more advise, don't shoot the first thing you see, eat a tag once in a while. The DNR doesn't control the herd we do.
I'm wondering why you believe we should have to eat tags. I believe that proper management would allow for anyone who is serious to have the opertunity to put some meat in their freezer. Oh, and by the way, it's easy to sit on your high horse and preach about letting deer walk when " I seen as many deer this year as I did five years ago. I was seeing groups of 15 come into the fields at a time." It would be interesting to see what you would be writing if you didn't see 15 deer in 2 seasons. I do agree with you that hunters need to take on more responsiblity for managing the herd. I wish the WDNR would take some steps to educate hunters on deer management. Before they do that they have to figure out how to do it themselves.
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The problem I see here is the fact that some people want to see 15 deer everyday and some people are happy if they see 15 deer in a season. Some people just like to watch the does and are waiting for a big buck, and some people love to eat venison and they couldn't care less if the other guy just likes to watch them. YOU CAN'T KEEP EVERYBODY HAPPY.
In the area I hunt I haven't heard of any wolves yet and I usually see deer when I go. This year I hunted both public and private and seen deer in both places during the rifle season. I think for the most part I was just lucky this year. In the right place at the right time.
I just feel that if the dnr keeps handing out tags, people are going to keep filling them. I thought we were suppose to believe in the dnr, but after reading about everyone not seeing anything I am having second thoughts now, Next year I will probably have a crappy season. Time will tell.
Stabnslab, I was just wondering how many does can one shoot before he is called "trigger happy"?
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I think Stabnslab has to realize he is one of the lucky ones who has enough land (and his neighbor) to really control there deer herd. For most people though, 80 acres would be a good lot of land. The problem I think is a lot of people hunt where there are many 40 to 100 acres lots of land all around each other with no really big chunks of land that act as a sanctuary. I deal with this at a spot in Michigan where I hunt. There are endless amounts of small tracts of land. Even if you get 5 guys together to not shoot small bucks, it seems you always have one guy that shoots alot of small bucks and as many doe tags as they can fill. Hunters can't help what his neighbor is doing as long as he does it legal. If the DNR lets him shoot 30 does in a season, then he will, even if his neighbors don't want him too. One bad apple ruins for the rest.

FYI stabnslab, great avitar.
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I hear a lot of complaining from people about not seeing deer and how the DNR is trying to ruin hunting in Wisconsin, but that is a bunch of bull. I know a lot of people who work for the Department and they are some of the most dedicated outdoors men and women in the state. Some of you are gonna disagree with me, but thats your opinion. These people care about the resources of this state and would do anything to protect them. I think that hunters in this state have been spoiled by higher than sustainable deer populations and have a skewed expectation of what hunting is and should be. For those who say there are no deer left just aren't looking hard enough. I exclusively hunt public land and have no problem finding deer, but I do my homework before hand. For those who disagree, take a walk around your hunting property now and look at all the tracks in the snow then let me know what you see.
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if the DNR would quit with all the doe shooting wed be in good shape. this is the first year in 49 years that a buck hasnt been shot off our 300 acre farm in all the years. Theres something wrong with this picture. Only 2 deer shot off 300 acres during gun season and one buck during bow season. You cant tell me theres nothing wrong with the way the DNR has managed the herd over the last 5-8 years. Our deer herd will never be the same. To get back to a healthy size we need to stop shooting does and bambis. I would rather see an antler restriction for the next 5 years than to hear and see people shooting next years deer. You keep shooting does we WILL NOT have any deer left. I dont want to hear the hawgwash from people saying if you dont want does shot, then dont shoot them. When thats all some people see and they need meat for their families they are going to shoot anything brown. We need to get rid of the doe hunts, not the does. The WDNR has taken us for a ride and RUINED hunting in Wi for a very very very long time...
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Here's what I believe based on talking to other hunters (family, friends etc) and just seeing.

The northern deer herd is decimated. Period. No one I know of that hunted in the northern section got or even saw deer.

The central deer herd is better but the doe population is down from normal.

The southern (CWD) section I'm not familiar with but obviously getting rid of the CWD is a major priority with the DNR and rightfully so. (Did I say that?)....

The DNR put out a "proposal" for an extended rifle season next year on their website... BEFORE the deer harvest numbers were even in for this year and the reason was "instead" of the earn-a-buck. My BIL (retired) worked for the DNR his whole life and obviously backs up everything they say. I know how dedicated most of these guys are. But there has to be some real crack-pot managers upstairs. Come to think of it this would be normal for most businesses in this country...
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WIS BOW HUNTR, if you think that hunting in Wisconsin has been ruined for a very very long time, you must know very little about deer biology. Deer populations have been show to almost double in as little as a single year. We are not going to run out of deer in this state, because the number of tags are limited by unit. And exactly what is a healthy deer herd to you. What you and a lot of other hunters tend to turn a blind eye towards is the implications that a higher than sustainable deer herd can have on the available habitat. It's your right to question the management practices of the state, but deer have to be managed in accordance with available habitat and not just for your shooting pleasure. And if your having trouble shooting deer on your property, change things up a little and put on a deer drive or do some scouting to see what the deer are doing or where the hot food source is. Deer change their patterns from year to year, and it's part of the fun of hunting to figure out how they are using their habitat. If you judge the success of your season on the number of deer you can hang on the pole alone, then you have lost sight of what hunting is about. It's about being outdoors and enjoying nature and family and friends and if your lucky bagging a deer or two.
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Magic 'DA MAN good and bad input. No I don't sit on a high horse because I don't kill a booner every year. Ten years ago shooting spikes was thought to be good in Herd management (but that's not true). We took seven spikes off the property in three years between 2001-2004 because we wanted good genes in the herd and shot a lot of doe's. We then started having a lot of big bucks with broken tines and missing main beams because the rut became intense and were fighting for the does. Went for years of not seeing a lot of doe's because we took to many to fast We decided not to shoot any does for a couple of years and the herd came back fast, really fast. Even when we were in EAB for years, I went to the local golf course and shot doe's to get my buck sticker. If you ever have the chance to hunt a golf course I highly suggest it. Ton's and ton's of deer. They actually want you there because the deer tear up the greens and sand traps. Im just saying I can't blame the DNR on this, its how people manage and hunt.
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thats it there is a part where i live where nothing goes back there but the farm equpment and there is 20 to 30 deer in the field per night at a minum
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Deer licenses sold in WI fall 2009:638,040 gun licenses and 204,833 bow licenses.
Almost 850,000 licenses. And people wonder why the herd might be down? Maybe we have too many hunters. I know the NRA/SCI and many hunting shows are saying we don't have enough hunters. You must remember they are all trying to sell something, and don't forget it.
I've said it again and again, you DON'T HAVE TO SHOOT. If you are in an area that you think has low deer numbers then don't shoot, heck don't even buy a license. Get all the guys in your group to do the same for one year. Pitch your license money together and buy a few trail cams so that you can moniter your deer a little better (the camera will last several years, so it is an investment, an unused tag is just a waste).
The DNR can not force you hunt or shoot anything. Just because it's legal to shoot 10 deer, doesn't mean that it is a good idea. Cigarettes are legal but that doesn't mean it is a good idea to smoke them.

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