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cbookout89 11-12-2009 04:33 PM

Virginia Gun Season
I am not a huge fan of running dogs for deer hunting, and it is now November 12, 2009. We have hurrican IDA coming through right now and the rain should be letting up by saturday morning. Well general gun season comes into effect on saturday. What are the chances of seeing deer on about 25-30 acres that are not run by dogs during the general gun season. The rut is not in full swing yet i believe because of the unusual warm weather. I really want to still-hunt with my bow and black powder. So if anyone has any tips or comments please let me know. Im just wondering if im wasting my time in the woods because people tell me after gun season i wont see any deer. But i believe on that area where no dogs are ran the deer will funnel into it to hide for cover.

hometheaterman 11-12-2009 07:04 PM

Well, I know lots of people that see deer after gun season starts from still hunting. However, I've personally tried it quite a bit and it seems like after the first week or so I don't see nearly as many deer from still hunting. I've seen them but over the past few years when I've done a lot of still hunting I've not seen many. I might sit there 10 times and see one. However, most area's around here are run by dogs so if you have a spot that's truely not you may have more luck. Seems like things here get scared after a week or so and you only see them at night.

Stonewall308 11-12-2009 07:05 PM

I think the deer will be moving regardless after 4 straight days of hard rain.

I am actually hoping people are running dogs in the afternoon somewhere near where I hunt, that'll keep them up and moving all day. I am going to hunt Saturday from sun rise to sun set.

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