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Sit tight or scout?

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Default Sit tight or scout?

Hi all,
I've been concentrating my time on this one spot on my farm for pretty much the last 5 months or so, I've had several good picts of some nice bucks on my trail cam in this area ( check out photos in trail cam forum).
My question is, upcoming gun deer season starts the 20th. Should I be scouting the rest of my property for more signs - scrapes-rubs ect before I make this my spot for season? Or if I scout the rest of my farm do you think I could possibly bump the nice bucks that are there by doing so? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking and Good luck to all hunting
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Never just hunt one spot and right now, if you not sure where else to hunt, hunt only evening stands. Scout as your walking in. Jump a doe then climb a tree. Other wise look for good signs. I love hunting new areas this way. It makes it fun and helps you hone your skills. If you want to do a morning stand, pick and area you know well, sneak in there roll the dice and hunt. Lightly scout on your way out based on what you see that morning and what you don't see.

Good luck
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Really I never stop scouting, firm believer in options. However I'm very mindful of routines and protecting safety. I refrain from pressure in the bucks bedroom, so to me this is a key to how far I will scout into the area. Basically you need to know where they bed, sources(food), travel routes and wind relation. Doe's are important as well for the rutting portion of the season.

What do you know about the deer/patterns in your area? How do they relate to your spot? Wind direction in relation to movements and your spot?
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Old 11-10-2009, 05:42 AM
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Well 2 months ago i walked in to hang my stand, and unfortunatly jumped up what sounded like a cow about 75 yds from my stand to the southwest. It was a buck, but I never got a good look at him because it was so thick where he was laying(just seen white from tines for about half a second. Just south of his bed is another bedding area that the deer have used for quite some time. Its about 100 yards from my stand as well to the north/northwest. Ive gotten hundreds of pictures of does, as well as some good bucks a touch north and east of my stand. I was hoping to catch a buck chasing a doe early morning, or late evening. Ive gotten quite a few daylight photos of does in the same spot. My idea was to set up just off of their travel lane so to speak about 40 yards. Sound like a good strategy? Or should I travel a little bit and look some more?
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I do some spot and stalk hunts this time of year. Usually in the mid afternoon, I get tired of sitting for 10-12 hours straight every day. I'll usually walk slow, find a tree to hide behind, call or rattle for a little, wait 30 minutes, then move again. It breaks up the boredom and is good for in season scouting. You don't usually have to worry about bouncing a buck from his bed at this time of year, he's not in it very often. And if you do bounce a buck or leave some scent, a lot of the bucks will be passing through (not in their core area) so no real impact.

Use good scent control and disturb as little as possible on the ground/branches etc. If you're not seeing deer this time of year, move around and hunt different stands/areas.
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Making your scouting run just prior to a good rain might help too.
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thanks for the advice everyone, I'll let you know how everything turns out for me. I still have my trail cam up, and I'm thinkin about getting it probably thursday or friday. If i get good picts ill post in the trail cam forum again. Thanks to all, and good luck on your hunts
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