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Hunting with decoys

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Default Hunting with decoys

I hunt in west Kentucky and the rut is just now starting ...younger bucks chasing but the big boys have not made the sceen as of yet ...rifle season opens Saturday ...I hunt a large fresh cut corn field that is next to a creek that is surrounded by big woods ...I have hunted this piece of property now for 3 years ...tons of deer ...my question is have any of you guys used a decoy and how effective was it ...how would you set it up for rifle season ...and would you rattle..use any scents ...is it better in the morning, evening or all day...I have a lying down doe and a standing buck (Scare Face Primos)...

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I would not use a decoy during a rifle season.

But if I wasn't worried about getting shot at I'd place it upwind of my location at a distance of about 50% of my effective range and in a location that can be seen easily from the surrounding woods. Whichever decoy you use, just make the scent match it.

Make sure you do something so that other hunters know that it is a decoy. Maybe spray paint the antlers blaze orange or something. Even if you're the only one that hunts the area, keep in mind that anybody that would shoot at a decoy would also be willing to tresspass and/or poach.

Good luck and be safe
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I have never used a decoy for hunting whitetail but I was thinking of starting next season and probably with what you have. I have thought about how I would set it up for rifle. I think they would work anytime of the day if placed in the right spot. I think they may work best in low light conditions like at the crack of dawn or just after the sun goes down and I would definitly use some sort of scent. Doe & buck urine but nothing with estrus in it. I think I would place them in the middle of a small field thats no more than a couple hundred yards wide if possible so to draw them out into shooting range. A old buck might get real cautious the closer he gets but at least he'd be in the open and within shooting range. I would definitly buy them early next spring and season them out doors to get the newness scent off them in time for hunting season. Maybe spray them down with scent killer a couple times a week to help it along. I might even modify one of them so that the head moves when the wind blows to make it more life like. I'm sure there are guys here that use them regularly that know how well they work and how they need to set up so I'll keep an eye on this post.

Good luck and let us know how you make out.
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Using a decoy for deer is a lot like using a decoy for turkey. Set up of a decoy for rifle is'nt near as criticle as set up for archery..............just a little distace advantage there. Unless your in really tight and brushy areas I wouldnt even bother with one for rifle
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I have never used one for fear of being shot while setting it up or taking it down. I hunt private land, but there is always a chance that others have sneaked in on you and if I were to do it, it would be in total darkness. In early morning or evening low light conditions some excited first timer might not see your orange clothing.
I would think a fold up cardboard decoy would work well though if you would risk the setup and do it in total darkness or full light so you are less likely to get shot.
Poachers around here, being the morons that they are will sneak around where they are not supposed to be in camo, while hunters are plainly visible wearing orange and can be avoided. But what if they run into other idiots?
I once knew a man who was shot in the chest and killed while driving deer to a new hunter with a 30-30. He was wearing brown coveralls and no orange when he died. The man who shot him was very excited that he had gotten his first deer until other friends entered the brush to find it. A simple and all too common mistake ruined his hunting for life.
I was a young child and knew the family and hunted the land where this happened. I'm almost 44 now and still a little spooked by it.
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